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Exam Title: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Exam

Certification Name: Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Exam Code: CLF-C01

Total Questions: 370

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner- CLF-C01 Exam Dumps

About AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Exam:

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification is Amazon Web Services’ entry-level certification. This exam is not centered on a specific technical role, unlike the other AWS certifications. This is one of many highly sought-after certifications for cloud-based businesses.

You must take and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test to achieve this certification (CLF-C01). There are two types of questions in the exam: multiple-choice & multiple responses.

CLF-C01 Exam Overview:

Exam Name

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Exam Code CLF-C01
Level Foundational
Exam Duration 90 minutes
Cost 100 USD
Format 65 questions; either multiple choice or multiple responses
Exam Language English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
Delivery method Pearson VUE and PSI; testing center or online proctored exam


Who should take AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam?

Anyone with a basic understanding of the AWS platform should take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) exam. We recommend that you have the following must have’s before taking this exam:

  • Six months of AWS Cloud experience
  • Basic knowledge of IT services and how they are used on the AWS Cloud platform
  • Basic understanding of AWS services and use cases, invoicing and pricing methods, security concepts, and how the cloud affects your organization

CLF-C01 Exam Pre-Requisites

The following are some of the skills that the candidate should have and are the pre-requisites of this exam:

  • An understanding of the fundamental AWS services
  • Concepts pertaining to the AWS Cloud
  • Security and compliance within the AWS Cloud
  • A comprehension of the financial aspects of the Amazon Web Services Cloud

What is considered out of scope for the target candidate for CLF-C01 Exam?

The following is a list of relevant work duties that are not expected to be able to be performed by the candidate of interest; nevertheless, this list is not exhaustive. These topics are not going to be included in the exam; therefore, you can disregard them:

  • Coding
  • Designing cloud architecture
  • Troubleshooting
  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Load and performance testing
  • Business application development
  • Business apps development (for example, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Chime, Amazon Work Mail)

Learning Objectives of CLF-C01 Exam

The certification’s goal is to confirm your expertise in a number of distinct important domains, which AWS defines as being able to:

  • Explain why the AWS Cloud is valuable and how the AWS shared responsibility model works.
  • Recognize security best practices.
  • Understand the prices, economics, and billing methods associated with AWS Cloud.
  • Describe and place AWS’ core services, such as computation, network, databases, and storage.
  • Determine whether AWS services are appropriate for frequent scenarios.

Course Outline

 It isn’t a comprehensive list of the exam’s material. However, you can use the additional background for each of the objectives to help you prepare for the exam. The primary content domains and their weightings are listed in the table below. The table comes before the full exam subject outline, which includes the supplementary background information. Only scored content is represented by the percentages in each domain.

  • Domain 1: Cloud Concepts 26%
  • Domain 2: Security and Compliance 25%
  • Domain 3: Technology 33%
  • Domain 4: Billing and Pricing 16%

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts

1.1Define the AWS Cloud and its value proposition

  • Define the benefits of the AWS cloud including:
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • High Availability
  • Elasticity
  • Agility
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Scalability
  • Global Reach
  • Economy of scale
  • Explain how the AWS cloud allows users to focus on business value
  • Shifting technical resources to revenue-generating activities as opposed to managing infrastructure.

1.2 Identify aspects of AWS Cloud economics

  • Define items that would be part of a Total Cost of Ownership proposal
  • Understand the role of operational expenses (OpEx)
  • Understand the role of capital expenses (CapEx)
  • Understand labor costs associated with on-premises operations
  • Understand the impact of software licensing costs when moving to the cloud
  • Identify which operations will reduce costs by moving to the cloud
  • Right-sized infrastructure
  • Benefits of automation
  • Reduce compliance scope (for example, reporting)
  • Managed services (for example, RDS, ECS, EKS, DynamoDB)

1.3 Explain the different cloud architecture design principles

  • Explain the design principles
  • Design for failure
  • Decouple components versus monolithic architecture
  • Implement elasticity in the cloud versus on-premises
  • Think parallel

Domain 2: Security and Compliance

2.1 Define the AWS shared responsibility model

  • Recognize the elements of the Shared Responsibility Model
  • Describe the customer’s responsibility on AWS
  • Describe how the customer’s responsibilities may shift depending on the service used (for example with RDS, Lambda, or EC2)
  • Describe AWS responsibilities

2.2 Define AWS Cloud security and compliance concepts

  • Identify where to find AWS compliance information
  • Locations of lists of recognized available compliance controls (for example, HIPPA, SOCs)
  • Recognize that compliance requirements vary among AWS services
  • At a high level, describe how customers achieve compliance on AWS
  • Identify different encryption options on AWS (for example, In transit, At rest)
  • Describe who enables encryption on AWS for a given service
  • Recognize there are services that will aid in auditing and reporting
  • Recognize that logs exist for auditing and monitoring (do not have to understand the logs)
  • Define Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, and AWS CloudTrail
  • Explain the concept of least privileged access

2.3 Identify AWS access management capabilities

  • Understand the purpose of User and Identity Management
  • Access keys and password policies (rotation, complexity)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Groups/users
  • Roles
  • Policies, managed policies compared to custom policies
  • Tasks that require use of root accounts Protection of root accounts

2.4 Identify resources for security support

  • Recognize there are different network security capabilities
  • Native AWS services (for example, security groups, Network ACLs, AWS WAF)
  • 3rd party security products from the AWS Marketplace
  • Recognize there is documentation and where to find it (for example, best practices, whitepapers, official documents)
  • AWS Knowledge Center, Security Center, a security forum, and security blogs
  • Partner Systems Integrators
  • Know that security checks are a component of AWS Trusted Advisor

Domain 3: Technology

3.1 Define methods of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud

  • Identify at a high-level different way of provisioning and operating in the AWS cloud
  • Programmatic access, APIs, SDKs, AWS Management Console, CLI, Infrastructure as Code
  • Identify different types of cloud deployment models
  • All in with cloud/cloud native
  • Hybrid
  • On-premises
  • Identify connectivity options
  • VPN
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • Public internet

3.2 Define the AWS global infrastructure

  • Describe the relationships among Regions, Availability Zones, and Edge Locations
  • Describe how to achieve high availability through the use of multiple Availability Zones
  • Recall that high availability is achieved by using multiple Availability Zones
  • Recognize that Availability Zones do not share single points of failure
  • Describe when to consider the use of multiple AWS Regions
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity
  • Low latency for end-users
  • Data sovereignty
  • Describe at a high level the benefits of Edge Locations
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • AWS Global Accelerator

3.3 Identify the core AWS services

  • Describe the categories of services on AWS (compute, storage, network, database)
  • Identify AWS compute services
  • Recognize there are different compute families
  • Recognize the different services that provide computing (for example, AWS Lambda compared to Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), or Amazon EC2, etc.)
  • Recognize that elasticity is achieved through Auto Scaling
  • Identify the purpose of load balancers
  • Identify different AWS storage services
  • Describe Amazon S3
  • Describe Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
  • Describe Amazon S3 Glacier
  • Describe AWS Snowball
  • Describe Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
  • Describe AWS Storage Gateway
  • Identify AWS networking services
  • Identify VPC
  • Identify security groups
  • Identify the purpose of Amazon Route 53
  • Identify VPN, AWS Direct Connect
  • Identify different AWS database services
  • Install databases on Amazon EC2 compared to AWS managed databases
  • Identify Amazon RDS
  • Identify Amazon DynamoDB
  • Identify Amazon Redshift

3.4 Identify resources for technology support

  • Recognize there is documentation (best practices, whitepapers, AWS Knowledge Center, forums, blogs)
  • Identify the various levels and scope of AWS support
  • AWS Abuse
  • AWS support cases
  • Premium support
  • Technical Account Managers
  • Recognize there is a partner network (marketplace, third-party) including Independent Software Vendors and System Integrators
  • Identify sources of AWS technical assistance and knowledge including professional services, solution architects, training and certification, and the Amazon Partner Network
  • Identify the benefits of using AWS Trusted Advisor

Domain 4: Billing and Pricing

4.1 Compare and contrast the various pricing models for AWS (for example, On-Demand Instances, Reserved Instances, and Spot Instance pricing)

  • Identify scenarios/best fit for On-Demand Instance pricing
  • Identify scenarios/best fit for Reserved-Instance pricing
  • Describe Reserved-Instances flexibility
  • Describe Reserved-Instances behavior in AWS Organizations
  • Identify scenarios/best fit for Spot Instance pricing

4.2 Recognize the various account structures in relation to AWS billing and pricing

  • Recognize that consolidated billing is a feature of AWS Organizations
  • Identify how multiple accounts aid in allocating costs across departments

4.3 Identify resources available for billing support

  • Identify ways to get billing support and information
  • Cost Explorer, AWS Cost and Usage Report, Amazon QuickSight, third-party partners, and AWS Marketplace tools
  • Open a billing support case
  • The role of the Concierge for AWS Enterprise Support Plan customers
  • Identify where to find pricing information on AWS services
  • AWS Simple Monthly Calculator
  • AWS Services product pages
  • AWS Pricing API
  • Recognize that alarms/alerts exist
  • Identify how tags are used in cost allocation

Benefits of Passing AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 Exam:

After successfully completing this exam, a candidate will be eligible for the following benefits:

1. Future Preparation:

The first benefit mentioned in the AWS certification rewards is the growing popularity of cloud computing. According to a recent study, about 83 % of enterprise workloads will be moved to the cloud in the near future. AWS is the industry leader in cloud service providers, as we all know.

As a result, the benefits of AWS certification might assist you in preparing for future trends in the IT professional job market. AWS owns nearly a third of the market and is steadily increasing its income. The bulk of businesses will want AWS certified professionals in the near future. As a result, an AWS certification course can demonstrate your abilities to potential employers and boost your attractiveness as a job applicant.

2. Efforts Appreciation:

Another important aspect of AWS certification benefits is the recognition that certified professionals receive. Digital badges are awarded to AWS qualified professionals. You can use these digital badges to show off your certification success on social media and in your email signatures.

The digital credentials grant immediate access to AWS-sponsored certification events. Exclusive admission to certain AWS Summit events and AWS Certification Lounges at “AWS re-Invent” is also possible with digital badges. With an AWS certification, you’ll also be invited to regional Appreciation Receptions.

3. Salary Hike

The salary hike for AWS certification is the next advantage. AWS certification can boost a qualified professional’s income by about 25%, according to current estimates from the Global Knowledge survey. A certified professional’s average AWS certification income is estimated to be around USD 113,932.

Non-certified professionals, on the other hand, earn an average yearly salary of USD 90,512. This clearly demonstrates how AWS certification advantages can result in a sizable monthly income. Would you want to miss out on a chance to enhance your salary? The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam can help you confirm your AWS skills, even if you’re new to the platform.

4. The chance to become SME

The possibility of being accepted into the Subject Matter Expert (SME) program is the AWS certification benefit that is mentioned the most frequently. Subject Matter Expert (SME) is a program that Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers to certified professionals.

 In addition, professionals have the opportunity to participate in the process of developing exams and in other workshops in the capacity of Subject Matter Experts. Therefore, you have the opportunity to enhance your resume by adding a credential that demonstrates your contributions to a benchmark certification program.

Preparation Guide for CLF-C01 Exam:

To be clear, the CLF-C01 Exam is not a challenging exam. That suggests that you will have no trouble passing the exam and earning the certification. However, failing to prepare for the exam will almost certainly result in disaster for obvious reasons. As a result, we strongly advise following our step-by-step procedure for the best results.

1. Exam Objectives should be reviewed thoroughly

Before commencing on any journey, one must have a crystal-clear understanding of the situation in which he or she will be placing themselves. Given all of this information, it is clear that the single most crucial thing you can do to prepare is to go over each and every exam objective.

Therefore, if you want an accurate picture, you should check out the official Amazon Web Services website. mainly due to the fact that it is the website that has been proven to be the most reliable source of information for the CLF-C01 Exam.

2. Take a look at the AWS Learning Paths

Following the successful completion of the downloading of the course outline, the next step for you will be to explore the AWS Learning Paths. Before beginning the “actual” studying, it is important to take this particular step so that you may be sure you have a solid foundation.

 To put it another way, gaining prior knowledge will be comparable to doing groundwork. As a result, make sure that you complete the training for each of the following AWS Cloud Practitioner paths.

3. Knowledge of AWS is Recommended

Candidates should have at least 6 months of experience in working with the AWS Cloud in any role. This also covers traditional and non-traditional candidates, instructors, and those who are interested in learning more about the AWS Cloud, such as project managers, IT managers, sales managers, decision-makers, and marketers, as well as those in finance, procurement, and legal departments.

Aside from that, a candidate must have a basic understanding of IT. This includes a working knowledge of IT services and how they are used on the AWS Cloud platform.

4. Online Courses

If a candidate is interested in preparing for the exam through an online course, they can do so. There are different courses offered online. In point of fact, there are an overwhelming number of courses available on the internet. Therefore, you should make it a priority to locate an appropriate class that falls within your budgetary constraints.

You will be provided with the online video study material that is simple to comprehend through the use of these courses. In addition to that, they give the candidate examples of previous exams. Therefore, you are free to test them out.

5. Read whitepapers from AWS

You should read AWS whitepapers to prepare for the exam. These will help you gain a better understanding of the cloud by providing technical content from AWS. Technical whitepapers, technical guides, reference material, and reference architecture diagrams are also available. However, we’ve limited it down to the following options. As a result, make sure to read the following. –

  • Amazon Web Services Overview
  • AWS Best Practices for Cloud Architecting
  • How Does Amazon Web Services Pricing Work?
  • AWS Support Plans Comparison

6. Join Online Forum

Online discussion forums and study sessions are excellent resources for preparing for the certification exam. As a result, feel free to contact other candidates via study forums or online groups to ask a question on the area you’re struggling with.

However, you are not obligated to participate. It’s just a very personal issue. Not to add, these online communities keep you connected to others who are on the same path as you. You can also ask questions on the issue that you’re having trouble with.

7. Dumpsgate

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What Dumpsgate provide for CLF-C01 exam?

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We provide a 100 percent pass guarantee for the CLF-C01 certification exam. Don’t worry if you use our study materials; we have a high success rate, with 85% of our clients passing their exams on the first try. We have a clientele of over 80,000 customers and all of them are completely delighted with our pdf exam dumps. They’ve now been certified experts who work in their fields. You may also view CLF-C01 exam reviews on Dumpsgate’s website. Unfortunately if you will fail you can also apply for refund.

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Expected Salary:

In January 2021, the average basic AWS cloud architect salary was $1,48,623, making the AWS Cloud Practitioner one of the top ten most well-paid IT qualifications in the US.

The average annual income for an Entry Level AWS Cloud Practitioner in the United States is $89,643 per year as of May 26, 2024. In case you need a quick salary calculation, that comes out to be around $43.10 per hour.

Wrapping Up:

In end, we would like to point out that the certifications are intended to determine whether or not the candidate is capable of offering assistance to management. Additionally, their capacity to enhance the overall quality of the information systems that are associated with the specialty. In addition, the body of knowledge that a candidate holds serves as the foundation for any vocation.

If you are not familiar with AWS, taking the certification exam to become an AWS cloud practitioner is a fantastic place to begin. The Amazon Web Services Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is an entry-level certification designed for individuals who are new to cloud computing.

If you are interested in taking the AWS cloud practitioner exam, utilizing Dumpsgate material will assist you in getting ready for the exam.


1. How hard is the CLF-C01 exam?

CLF-C01 Exam is not so hard, and with effective preparation plain you can easily clear it. However, we would suggest you to look at Dumpsgate practice test. This will help you a lot in clearing your exam.

2. What is CLF-C01 exam?

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) exam is for individuals who have the understanding and abilities to demonstrate an overall knowledge of the AWS Cloud, regardless of other technical responsibilities addressed by other AWS certifications.

3. How much does CLF-C01 cost?

This exam costs about $100 US.

4. What is AWS cloud practitioner salary?

The average annual salary for an Entry Level AWS Cloud Practitioner in the United States is $88,813 per year.

5. How hard is it to pass AWS cloud Practitioner exam?

If you’re familiar with AWS services and billing tools, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is quite simple. If you’re new to AWS, though, it might be a little more difficult than that. But Dumpsgate make things for you by providing best pdf exam dumps. By using these dumps you will be able to understand the key ideas of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

6. How long should I study for AWS cloud practitioner?

Depending on how quickly one can read through a complete pdf exam dump using dedicated six-hour time blocks a day, the amount of time to finish AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam preparation with DUMPSGATE PDF exam materials ranges from 1-2 weeks. But it varies from candidate to candidate, for some it might take up to 1-2 months.

7. What is the pass mark for AWS cloud practitioner?

The minimum passing score for CLF-C01 exam is 700 points.

8. What jobs can you get with AWS cloud practitioner certification?

The first step on any career path is with a fundamental-level certificate, and AWS has that credential in the form of AWS Cloud Practitioner. The certification does not require extensive knowledge of any one service; rather, it teaches you about AWS as a whole. The following are some of the qualifications you can attain after earning an AWS cloud certification:

  1. AWS Solution Architect
  2. SysOps Administrator
  3. Cloud Developer
  4. Cloud DevOps Engineer
  5. AWS Networking Specialist
  6. Cloud Software Engineer

9. Is AWS cloud Practitioner exam multiple choice?

Yes it is a multiple choice and multiple response question exam. 

10. Where can I find dumps for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam?

You can find best and latest pdf exam dumps for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam at Dumpsgate.

11. What are some features of Dumpsgate’s pdf exam dumps? 

PDF exam dumps provided by Dumpsgate have most up to date exam dumps, contained questions with accurate answers and proper explanation. These dumps helped many in clearing the CLF-C01 exam. 

12. How many questions is CLF-C01?

65 questions: In the allotted time, you have 90 minutes to respond to 65 questions that are either of the multiple-choice or multiple-response formats (two or more accurate choices out of five or more response alternatives).

13. What happens if you fail the AWS cloud Practitioner exam?

You must wait 14 days after failing an exam before being eligible to retake it. Exam attempts are unrestricted. For each exam attempt, however, you must pay the full registration price. You will not be eligible to retake the same exam for two years after passing it.

14. Is AWS Certified cloud practitioner worth it in 2024?

Yes! It totally worth your money, energy and hard work. Not only does having an AWS certification look great on your CV, but it also has the potential to considerably increase the kind of pay or rate you command.

 According to the results of an independent poll that was conducted on the topic, seventy percent of AWS professionals who were questioned about their salaries reported a rise of up to twenty percent after completing their certification.

15. Does AWS require coding?

No, it is not necessary to have any prior coding experience in order to begin learning AWS, and a large number of fundamental operations may be carried out without the need for coding. In spite of this, it is possible that you will still be required to acquire some level of programming expertise, depending on the job you have or the abilities you need. As is customary in situations like this, there are a few intricacies to the question.

16. Does AWS certifications expire?

A certification obtained through AWS remains active for a period of three years beginning on the date it was obtained. You are required to recertify yourself prior to the expiration of the three-year period in order to keep your certification up to date and active.

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