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Introduction to Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Exam 

In this expanding era of technology, Kubernetes has become popular and facilitates a lot of people and enterprises today. Meanwhile knowing the popularity and demand of the Kubernetes experts, Cloud Native Computing Foundation and The Linux Foundation are trying to help IT aspirants gain the required skills, expertise, and knowledge. Following the aim, CNCF in collaboration with The Linux Foundation offers the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification. The focused certification i.e. CKAD aims to add skills relevant to Kubernetes application developers to stimulate the continued growth.

Unlike other certifications, CKAD aims to assess and approve a candidate’s practical skills. Due to focus reasons, the exam for the certification follows the pattern of practice based questions. Mostly, candidates feel difficulty to prepare for the exam due to changed patterns of the exam. Dumpsgate, knowing the issue, brings you Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam dumps which help you to clear all the concepts. This clarity of concepts and focused knowledge help you to deal with the practice based questions. If you are looking forward to acing your CKAD exam then take help from CKAD exam dumps today.

What is Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification?

Like other IT certifications, the Kubernetes Application Developer certification assesses and approves the candidate’s skills to design, build, configure and expose the applications for Kubernetes. The certification requires a candidate to take the exam that aims to polish and test the skills of the candidate in the process. The CKAD exam consists of practice based questions that a candidate can prepare from Dumpsgate CKAD exam dups. These Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam dumps cover all the details of the concerned domains of the exam and make sure that you have a solid grasp of every concept. The process of preparing from Dumpsgate exam dumps makes you able to answer all the practice based questions in the exam and polish your relevant skills in the process.

The certification makes a candidate able to build, monitor and troubleshoot the concerned applications and tools in Kubernetes. Furthermore, a candidate acquiring CKAD will be able to

  • Work with (OCI-compliant) container images
  • Work with Kubernetes resource definitions
  • Apply Cloud Native application concepts
  • Apply Cloud Native application architectures
  • Validate Kubernetes resource definitions

Not only has this but CKAD certification justified the fitness of CKAD holder for the role focusing on the responsibilities of Kubernetes application developer. So avail CKAD certification and prove your fitness for the opening through your resume.


What are the potential uses of Kubernetes?

The features of Kubernetes are a good justification for its expanding popularity. The potential uses of Kubernetes are as follows.

  • It offers automated deployment of your applications.
  • It offers management of your applications.
  • It helps in the smooth and easy functioning of applications.
  • It offers scalable and flexible perks.
  • It helps to adapt quickly to the concerned and updated requirements.
  • It offers efficient availability when it comes to your application.

What are the domains covered in the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam?

The practice based pattern of the CKAD exam justifies the need for an in-depth understanding of the focused domains. Knowing about domains helps you to know about the areas you are required to cover and hence helps in better preparation for the exam. The syllabus domains of the CKAD exam are as follows.

Application Design and Build – 20% weightage

This domain as obvious from the name is a focused domain of the exam and contributes to 20% of the exam. This main domain of the CKAD exam consists of the following subdomains.

  • Defining container images.
  • Build and modify container images
  • Understanding Jobs
  • Understanding Cronjobs
  • Understanding multi-container Pod design patterns (e.g. sidecar, init and others)
  • Utilizing persistent
  • Utilizing ephemeral volumes

1. Application Deployment – 20% weightage

Application deployment consists of the following subdomains.

  • Using Kubernetes primitives with an aim to implement common deployment strategies including blue/green or canary
  • Understanding Deployments]
  • Understanding how to perform rolling updates
  • Using the Helm package manager with an aim to deploy existing packages

2. Application Observability and Maintenance – 15% weightage

This domain of the CKAD exam contributes 15% of the exam and focuses on the following sub topics relevant to Kubernetes.

  • Understanding API deprecations
  • Implementing probes
  • Implementing health checks
  • Using provided tools to monitor Kubernetes applications
  • Utilizing container logs
  • Debugging in Kubernetes

3. Application Environment, Configuration and Security – 25%

Application environment, configuration and security is an important domain and constitutes the major portion of the CKAD exam. It consists of the following subdomains.

  • Discovering resources that extend Kubernetes (CRD)
  • Using resources that extend Kubernetes (CRD)
  • Understanding authentication, authorization
  • Understanding admission control
  • Understanding resource requirements, limits and quotas
  • Defining resource requirements, limits and quotas
  • Understanding ConfigMaps
  • Creating Secrets
  • Consuming Secrets
  • Understanding Service Accounts
  • Understanding Security Context

4. Services and Networking – 20%

The services and networking domain focuses on the following topics

  • Demonstrating a basic understanding of Network Policies
  • Providing access to applications via services
  • Troubleshooting access to applications via services
  • Using Ingress rules to expose applications

These stated domains of Certified Kubernetes Application Developer cover all the relevant concepts that serve as an indicator to judge a Kubernetes Application Developer. To polish and assess the practical skills of the candidate, the CKAD is not only focused on the knowledge relevant to these domains, rather it makes sure that the candidate is well equipped with skills in practice. That is why candidates often face difficulty in preparing for this practice-based CKAD exam because cramming would not fulfill the purpose. Focusing on the needs of the candidates, Dumpsgate brings CKAD exam dumps that contain exam questions focusing on all the five domains of the CKAD exam. These exam questions will play a role in the clarity of all the concepts and will make sure that you are fully capable to answer all the practice based questions of the exam. To get benefit from Dumpsgate Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam dumps, visit the Dumpsgate website and avail yourself the access on the go.

Pattern of Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam?

The pattern of the CKAD exam is as follows.

  • There are 15 to 18 questions in the CKAD exam
  • The time allowed to complete these questions is 2 hours
  • Questions type is practice based questions
  • Passing marks for the CKAD exam are 66%
  • One time retake is allowed for candidates
  • The exam is taken online
  • The exam fee for the CKAD exam is $375 USD.

How to prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam?

Preparing for an exam that requires you to demonstrate your practical skills on paper can be a difficult task to perform. That is what makes preparing for the CKAD exam difficult. If you are an aspirant of CKAD and are looking forward to an effective way to prepare for the exam then Dumpsgate is there to help you. Dumpsgate brings Certified Kubernetes Application Developer dumps for you to develop a deep grasp of the concepts of CKAD and to polish your Kubernetes skills.

These real and authentic CKAD dumps are prepared by experts who know about the dynamics of CKAD well. The experts at Dumpsgate design the relevant exam questions and answer these questions in detail to make sure that everything is well explained. The PDF dumps are available to you on the website of the Dumpsgate with immediate delivery within 2 hours. So now ace your CKAD exam with Dumpsgate brain dumps available online. 

What is the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam?

If you are looking forward to take the CKAD exam then Dumpsgate CKAD dumps are all you need. These exam dumps contain exam questions that are prepared by Kubernetes experts who know well what to include for your better understanding and groomed skills. If you are looking forward to take the CKAD exam then you will encounter practice based questions. These practice questions cannot be solved by cramming or simply basic knowledge but rather require an in-depth understanding of the relevant concepts. Experts at Dumpsgate know well how to design the exam questions in the brain dumps for the clarity of your concepts, better knowledge and boosted skills. These exam dumps are in the form of PDFs and consist of exam questions relevant to all the five domains of Certifies Kubernetes Application Developer exam. You can buy Dumpsgate PDF dumps from the Dumpsgate website on the payment without any long and extended wait. Access these compiled CKAD exam dumps today and become a CKAD certification holder in the first attempt.

What are the advantages of using Dumpsgate Kubernetes Application Developer exam dumps?

The advantages offered by Dumpsgate on buying its exam dumps are as follows.

  • Real and Updated CKAD exam dumps

Dumpsgate understands the requirement of the CKAD exam i.e. practice-based understanding and boosted skills and hence offers exam dumps with real and updated exam questions and patterns.

  • Detailed exam questions and valid answers

An effective way to deal with the practice based questions of the CKAD exam would be to develop a detailed and in-depth understanding of the concepts relevant to the exam. Experts at Dumpsgate make sure that you get authentic exam questions relevant to syllabus domains and their detailed answers for clarity of your concepts.

  • CKAD exam dumps prepared by experts

CKAD exam dumps are prepared by Kubernetes experts who answer the exam questions effectively and make sure that you get a grasp on the syllabus and polish your skills relevant to Kubernetes.

  • Safe and Secure payment methods

The payment method is easy and you can pay online. The payment method is made all secure for the convenience and safety of the client.

  • 100% Pass guarantee

What else a candidate would need except the passing guarantee? Meanwhile, Dumpsgate offers you a complete guarantee if you prepare effectively from the CKAD dumps offered by Dumpsgate.

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If you are thinking that you will have to wait hours after buying CKAD exam dumps due to a lengthy process then it would not happen at Dumpsgate. You will get your PDF demos delivered online within 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CKAD certification?

CKAD stands for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer and is a certification that assesses and proves the candidate’s abilities to design, deploy and build the relevant applications for Kubernetes. The assessment is done through an online exam.

2. Is the CKAD exam difficult?

The practice based exams are difficult for the students who do not have the efficient skills and in-depth knowledge. Sur to the mentioned reason candidates often feel difficulty to respond in scenarios. Dumpsgate has made it less difficult since the launch of its CKAD exam dumps which help you to polish your skills and gain in-depth knowledge regarding Kubernetes. So if you devote enough time to prepare in the company of Dumpsgate CKAD exam dumps then the exam is not difficult for you at all.

3. Is CKAD certification useful?

There are companies that are offering a handsome salary to the CKAD holders. Also, it is always better to go for the certification which makes sure that you polish your skills instead of simply adding to your knowledge through cramming.

4. Is CKAD easier than CKA?

CKAD ensure that candidate has expertise in designing, deploying and building the relevant applications for Kubernetes while CKA offers conceptual topics. So it can be said that CKAD is relatively easier than CKA.

5. Which is better CKA vs CKAD?

CKA exam is more concerned about knowledge of Kubernetes API primitives whereas CKAD is concerned about testing the candidate’s skills in designing, deploying and building the relevant applications for Kubernetes. Focusing on the domains, both are useful and you can choose anyone based on your interest or job requirements.

6. Is CKAD Certification Dumps helpful?

Dumpsgate CKAD exam dumps contain detailed exam questions and answers focusing on all the domains of the CKAD exam which make sure that you polish your practical skills and knowledge to answer the practice based questions. That is why Dumpsgate CKAD exam dumps are the most popular among the CKAD candidates.

7. Where Can I find CKAD Exam questions?

If you are looking for effective CKAD  exam questions then there is no better option than Dumpsgate CKAD  exam questions.  These exam questions are prepared by Kubernetes experts who make sure to include all the domains in detailed exam questions and answers to facilitate you in acing your CKAD exam.

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