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Exam Title: CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder

Certification Name: CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder (CCFR)

Exam Code: CCFR-201

Total Questions: 60

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CCFR Exam Overview 

Exam dumps from Dumpsgate are designed to prepare the students in the minimum time for maximum results. 54,000 students have recorded to pass the exam. We offer maximum leverage with the highest quality services. With the changing syllabus, we constantly update the questions. The questions are answered comprehensively. You can get the CCFR dumps to learn the questions and the effective way to answer the questions, especially scenario-based.

The CCFR exam is composed of 60 questions. The questions are in the form of multiple-choice. The time to complete the exam is 90 minutes. The exam prepares you for Attack Frameworks, Detection Analysis, Event Search, Hunting Analytics, Hunting Methodology, Navigation, Reports, and Search Tools. There is no prior experience requirement for the CCFR exam.

Course Outline of CCFR Exam 


1.1 Use MITRE ATT&CK information within Falcon to provide context to a detection

1.2 Explain what information the MITRE ATT&CK framework provides


2.1 Recommend courses of action based on the analysis of information provided within the Falcon platform

2.2 Explain what general information is on the Detections dashboard

2.3 Explain what information is in the Activity > Detections page

2.4 Describe the different sources of detections within the Falcon platform

2.5 Interpret the data contained in Host Search results

2.6 Interpret the data contained in Hash Search results

2.7 Demonstrate how to pivot from a detection to a Process Timeline

2.8 Explain what contextual event data is available in a detection (IP/DNS/Disk/etc.)

2.9 Explain how detection filtering and grouping might be used

2.10 Explain when to use built-in OSINT tools

2.11 Explain the difference between Global vs. Local Prevalence

2.12 Explain what Full Detection Details will provide

2.13 Explain how to get to Full Detection Details

2.14 Analyze process relationships using the information contained in the Full Detection Details

2.15 Explain what type of data the View As Process Tree, View As Process Table and View As Process Activity


2.16 Explain how to identify managed/unmanaged Neighbors for an endpoint during a Host Search

2.17 Explain the purpose of assigning a detection to an analyst

2.18 Triage a non-Falcon Indicator of Compromise (IOC) in the Falcon UI

2.19 Describe what the different policies (Block, Block and Hide Detection, Detect Only, Allow, No Action) do

2.20 Explain the effects of allowlisting and blocklisting

2.21 Explain the effects of machine learning exclusion rules

2.22 Explain the effects of Sensor Visibility exclusions

2.23 Explain the effects of IOA exclusions

2.24 State the retention period for quarantined files

2.25 Describe what happens when you release a quarantined file

2.26 Download a quarantined file

2.27 Based on a detection, determine which investigate tools, e.g., host, hash, etc., to use based on best practices


3.1 Perform an Event Search from a detection and refine a search using event actions

3.2 Explain what event actions do

3.3 Explain key event types


4.1 Explain what information a process Timeline will provide

4.2 Explain what information a Host Timeline will provide


 5.1 Describe the process relationship (Target/Parent/Context)


 6.1 Retrieve the information required to generate a Process Timeline

 6.2 Demonstrate how to get to a Process Explorer from a Event Search

 6.3 Find quarantined files


 7.1 Export detection and process data from Full Detection Details for further review

 7.2 Explain what information is in the Detection Activity Report

 7.3 Describe what information is in the Executive Summary Dashboard

 7.4 Describe what information is in the Detection Resolution Dashboard


 8.1 Explain what information a User Search provides

 8.2 Explain what information a IP Search provides

 8.3 Explain what information a Hash Executions (Search) provides

 8.4 Explain what information a Hash Search provides

 8.5 Explain what information a Bulk Domain Search provides

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What is the CCFR exam?

CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Responder exam also known as the CCFR is a Platform certification that comes midway between the Certified Falcon Administrator and Certified Falcon Hunter. 

Who is eligible to take the CCFR exam?

  • The candidate must have 6 months of experience working in a CrowdStrike Falcon production environment.
  • The candidate must have the ability to express and understand in English with greater accuracy. However, the non-native English speakers can also take the exam. 

How hard is the CCFR exam?

The exam is the ultimate step towards achieving the CCFR certification. The hardness level of the exam is largely dependent on the prior experience of the candidate in the CrowdStrike environment. If you are utterly new, you may find some difficulty in grasping the concepts. 

How long does it take to prepare for the CCFR exam?

It takes about 3-4 weeks to prepare for the exam fully. The exam course and practice dumps are effective in the preparation of the exam in a limited time. 

Is it worth taking the CCFR exam?

CCFR exam helps you to enhance your skills and learn the latest responder skills. The certification is useful to land a job. It differentiates a professional from a non-professional.

How much does a Falcon Responder earn?

The average salary of a Falcon Responder ranges from 48k-210k per annum. 

What are the best dumps for the CCFR exam?

Dumpsgate offers the best dumps for the CCFR exam. It has the latest exam questions and the number of questions is also high. It has been successful in providing excellent results for CCFR exam applicants.

What is the cost of the CCFR exam?

The cost of the CCFR dumps is much more affordable. The cost is set at around $28.

What is the pathway to becoming CCFR certified?

  1. Study the exam guide.
  2. Prepare the syllabus contents from the exam course.
  3. Practice the concepts.
  4. Revise your concepts.
  5. Take a mock test.
  6. Revise and Repeat.

How can I get the Dumpsgate CCFR exam?

  1. Go to the official exam Dumpsgate site.
  2. Click on the ‘CCFR’ or ‘CloudStrike Certified Falcon Responder’ dumps. 
  3. Add it to the cart. 
  4. Fill in the required details and click on Checkout. 


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