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AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Exam Study Guide

Overview of AZ-500 Certification Exam

In order to get an associate’s degree in the field of Azure Security Technologies, candidates must pass this test (AZ-500). To ensure that you can manage and administer id and authentication systems, vulnerability mitigation and security controls, database and app security, and end-to-end secure activation in the cloud and hybrid settings, the exam is intended to test your ability.

Exam Name Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Exam Study Guide
Exam Code AZ-500
Exam Cost USD 165
Passing score 700/1000 Or 70%
No. of Questions 40-60
Exam Time Duration 150 minutes
Language English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean.
Format of Exam Multiple Choice Questions, Drag and Drop, Multiple Answers, Scenario-based

The audience for the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Course (AZ-500)

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 training may be taken by network security engineers, among other positions.

  • Network Administrators.
  • Designers of Cloud-based Solutions.
  • Cloud Administrators.
  • Engineers specializing in computer security.
  • IT Security Specialists.
  • People who work in the field of IT Security and Governance.
  • Everyone who is interested in learning about Microsoft Azure Security.

What’s the Purpose of taking the AZ-500 Exam?

Security professionals may be looking for an opportunity to improve their standards if they are currently employed in this capacity. If that’s the case, this credential is for you. In this course, you’ll learn things like:

  • Gaining proficiency in the application of security measures will need more training and practice.
  • In the case of a vulnerability, investigate and identify other security approaches that may be used.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that the items under your control are secure and within your control.
  • Know how to employ a wide range of security methods that are available for a wide range of software.
  • Make use of the threat defenses and put them into action.
  • Your security will be better managed and you’ll be prepared for any eventuality.

Prerequisites for the AZ-500 Exam

  • Security, minimally admin privileges, role-based authentication protocols, multi-factor authenticating, collective responsibility, and the strong authentication paradigm are all examples of industry-required security best practices.
  • Use security protocols like VPNs, IPSEC, SSL, and disk and data encryption to protect yourself and your data from hackers.
  • Get a working knowledge of Azure workload deployment. It is not necessary to have a basic understanding of Azure management in order to benefit from this course.
  • Get a working knowledge of programming language and the Windows and Linux operating systems. The CLI and PowerShell may be used in course labs.

Learner’s Purpose

Learn about these topics when you enroll in the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 course:

  • Data categorization that is more specific to Azure
  • Identity and access management in Azure
  • Understanding the various Azure data security options.
  • Azure data and processing security: best practices
  • Security services and aspects of Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure are described.
  • Deploying secure internet protocols on Azure

Skills Measured for AZ-500 Certification Exam

The subjects and sections for the AZ-500 certification are summarized in the study plan provided hereunder. Prepare for the AZ-500 test with the aid of the exam topics. These include:

Domain 1: Manage Identity and Access (30-35%)

1.1 Control access to your organization’s Azure Active Directory users.

  • Set services principals’ protection settings.
  • Configure accounts in the Azure AD directory.
  • Azure AD users may be monitored and managed.
  • Control the operations of organizational units
  • Set the writeback of passwords.
  • Password hashing and Pass-Through authorization techniques may be configured.
  • PTA, OAuth, and non passworded authentication.
  • Migrate Azure memberships from one Azure AD domain to another.

1.2 Use Azure AD to set up safe access.

  • Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management (AAD PIM) monitoring (PIM).
  • Set up a system for doing access reviews.
  • PIM should be activated and customized.
  • Security measures such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (MFA).
  • Setup up Azure Active Directory (AD) security for user authentication.

1.3 Control who has access to an application.

  • You may register your app by doing so.
  • Rights for App Registration may be customized.
  • Control the granting of permissions for App Registration.
  • Management of the memberships and resources of Azure through API.

1.4 Ensure that access control is properly managed.

  • To begin, set up subscriptions and resource access rights in your application.
  • As a second step, you need set up resource group privileges.
  • Build bespoke RBAC roles, the last step.
  • Also, determine your position inside the organization.
  • In addition, use the concept of least privilege to your advantage.
  • Evaluate the permissions that are given to you.
  • Finally, be sure you can get in.

Domain 2: Implement platform protection (15-20%)

2.1 Secure your network using the latest technology.

  • Ensuring the safety of virtual network connections.
  • Establish application and network security groups (NSGS) (ASGS).
  • Install an azure firewall on your own computer.
  • Setup azure front door as an application gateway.
  • Setup the azure application gateway’s web application firewall (WAF).
  • Setup the azure bastion.
  • If you have an Azure storage account, you may set up a firewall to protect your data.
  • Use services nodes to implement.
  • Security against DDoS attacks

2.2 Set up enhanced security for computing.

  • Setup terminal security first.
  • After that, set up VMs and keep track of their system changes.
  • Set Azure Container Registry credentials as well.
  • Set security for various container types after that.
  • Exposure control should also be included.
  • Also, be sure to set up AKS isolation.
  • Additionally, you need set up container registry security.
  • Encrypt your data using Azure Disk Encryption, as well.
  • The same goes for Azure App Service’s identification and protection.
  • Then, set up SSL and TLS certificates.
  • Setup Azure Kubernetes Service identification when you’re ready.
  • Installing updates automatically is the last step.

Domain 3: Manage Security Operations (25-30%)

3.1 Use Azure Monitor to keep tabs on security.

  • Add, edit, and personalize your notifications.
  • After then, Azure Monitor may be used to keep tabs on security logs.
  • Finally, set up diagnostic logging and log retention settings.

3.2 Use Azure Security Center to keep an eye on security.

  • Analyze Azure Security Center checks for vulnerabilities, first and foremost.
  • Second, use Azure Security Center to set up Just in Time VM access.
  • Finally, use Azure Security Center to set up centralized policy management.
  • Azure Security Center may also be used to set and monitor compliance rules.
  • Setup up the Azure Security Center to automate workflows.

3.3 Use Azure Sentinel to manage security.

  • To begin, create and personalize notifications for each user.
  • Set up Azure Sentinel’s information resources as a second step.
  • Azure Sentinel findings should also be analyzed.
  • Lastly, set up an Azure Sentinel playbook.

3.4 Security protocols may be set up in this section.

  • To begin, use Azure Policy to set up security parameters.
  • Secondly, use Azure Blueprint to specify security parameters.

Domain 4: Secure Data and Applications (20-25%)

4.1 Construct a secure repository for storing data

  • Start by setting up access permissions for memory accounts to begin with.
  • You should then set up key administration for the various storage accounts.
  • Set Azure Storage’s Azure Active Directory (AD) authorization as well.
  • Install Azure AD Domain Services authorization for Azure Documents as well.
  • Establish and sustain signatures for shared access (SAS).
  • The creation of an access policy that may be applied to a blob or a container of a blob.
  • Setup up Storage Encryption for the service.

4.2 Implement database security measures.

  • Turn on database authentication so that you may log in to the database.
  • Activate database auditing and check the box.
  • Activate Advanced Threat Protection for Azure SQL Database.
  • Incorporate database encryption into your system.
  • The implementation of Always Encrypted Azure SQL Database

4.3 Set up and maintain Key Vault

  • Configure Key Vault permission.
  • Credentials, certificates, and keys may be granted or denied access to users.
  • Azure Key Vault’s RBAC settings may be configured here.
  • Keep track of certifications.
  • Maintain the secrets.
  • Key Vault item backups and restores are both possible.

Here are some useful tips for clearing the AZ-500 exam.

We’ve put together this study guide to help you succeed on the Microsoft AZ-500:

  • Utilizing the exams AZ-104 and AZ-900, you may learn more about the various Azure services and the various Azure offerings.
  • You should examine the Pearson VUE test rules before taking the Online Exam, to ensure that your workplace and desk are neat.
  • To help you prepare for the test, there is a whiteboard. My test had the least amount of use of this choice.
  • Utilize this Exam Outline to note down the dates by which you plan to finish each portion and module, so that you don’t go off course. For example, one may usually decide on a timeframe for a final test and then drill down to determine the time spent studying each component or module of the course.

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Perks of AZ-500 Exam

Learning numerous security tools, particularly within a single exam track, is quite advantageous to gaining knowledge as well as experience. The security engineer certified by Microsoft Azure will be distinct from most of the other common pros who haven’t taken up the exam. They will be able to appraise more of the security tools available and apply them to regular security risks and flaws compared to non-exam takers.

  • Furthermore, professionals that pursue Microsoft Azure security certification have a greater probability of obtaining and retaining better work prospects than non-certified professionals who fall into the AZ-500 exam takers class.
  • Candidates who pass the AZ-500 exam have a greater influence and brunt in the workplace, putting them in a better position to take on more challenging security responsibilities.
  • A candidate who has been certified in Microsoft Azure security technologies can avail a variety of specific features like:
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge and grasp of networking and controls.
  • Deep-rooted understanding of the different Microsoft Azure and its numerous services offered.
  • Inherent knowledge about virtualization and cloud N-tier architecture appear to be significant in various modern-day apps.
  • Access Azure and other Microsoft products with ease and implement safeguards.


Candidates will use AZ-500 paths and groups to keep up with today’s IT settings. Use this page for test prep information. This page explains who and why should one get this qualification.

This enhanced certification will help candidates keep up with today’s fast-paced obligations. Experts have validated our Exam Dumps for Microsoft Certifications at Dumpsgate.


1. Where can I find AZ-500 exam dumps?

For students preparing for credentialing exams, Dumpsgate’s Certification Exam Dumps offers a wide range of exam preparation and online courses designed by experts. Make sure you’re confident in your talents by going through your strengths and weaknesses.

2. What is Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam?

There are four sections to this test: identity management/access, platform protection/security operations/management, and data/application security/security management. Depending on where the test is being taken, the cost will vary.

3. Is Azure AZ-500 worth IT?

Microsoft Azure is here to stay, and the AZ-500 certification will serve you well for several years to come. As a result, as Azure expands and grows, so does the number of security holes it has. As a result, obtaining an AZ-500 credential will only increase in value over time.

4. Is AZ-500 Easy?

It’s difficult and covers a wide variety of subjects, from Azure AD groups to custom role-based access control (RBAC) configuration. AZ-500 might take many months to study for and prepare for. So at this Dumpsgate purposed the best solution for all candidates who are interested in passing AZ-500 Exam, Just Download Latest AZ-500 questions pdf from our site and prepare all questions well and pass the exam in the first attempt.

5. How long does it take to study for the AZ-500 exam?

With its lengthy cases, the AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer Certification Exam is not a simple one for anybody to pass. If one may study for three hours a day for three weeks straight, then he/she can complete it.

6. How do I become an azure security engineer?

  • A bachelor’s degree is required. To become an Azure security engineer it requires completing a four-year undergraduate degree program.
  • Consider enhancing your cybersecurity knowledge.
  • Examine for an Azure engineer certification.
  • Become a Microsoft Azure security engineer by applying for positions on

7. Is Azure certification hard?

Exams for Microsoft Azure certifications are demanding, but not impossible to go through. You can do a lot with a little knowledge and expertise. Additionally, you must have the tenacity and self-belief necessary to succeed in the Azure certification process.

8. How do I prepare for Azure AZ-500?

Use our Downloadable Latest Microsoft AZ-500 Dumps from Dumpsgate and go through all questions well, read the explanation of each question. which we have added in our pdf at the end of each question. So prepare all our 324 questions and pass your exam in just one week, our Dumps contain all questions from the real AZ-500 Exam. Use Practice test and Ace exam in the first go. Monthly 200+ candidates pass AZ-500 Exam with the help of our study material.

9. Does AZ-500 exam have labs?

Performance-based lab questions are possible in the AZ-500 Azure security exam. You’ll be asked to utilize the supplied login information to log into the Microsoft Azure portal and execute various activities.

10. Is AZ-500 useful?

The AZ-500 is not a beginner certification. A basic grasp of threat management, identity and access management, and security controls is required. The AZ-500, on the other hand, is an excellent long-term objective for those who are just getting started in cyber security.

11. How long is AZ-500 valid?

AZ-500 exam is valid for a period of 2 years.

12.  Is AZ-500 multiple choice?

Yes AZ-500 is a multiple choice exam. 

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