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Exam Title: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Exam

Certification Name: Microsoft Certified: Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty

Exam Code: AZ-140

Total Questions: 181

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Microsoft AZ-140 Dumps: Configuring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure

AZ-140 Exam Overview

An examination like the AZ-140 is designed to evaluate a student’s ability to carry out a variety of technical duties:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop architectural design.
  • controlling the security and access of a facility.
  • administering applications and user experiences putting in place a Windows VDI system.
  • monitoring and upkeep of a Windows VDI environment.

Applicants for this test are Azure admins who have a thorough understanding of how to design, develop, deploy, and manage virtual desktops and remote applications across a wide range of Azure-based devices.

Exam Name: Configuring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure Domains
Exam Code: AZ-140 Domains
Exam Cost: USD 165 Domains
Passing score: 700/1000 Or 70% Domains
Language: English Domains
No. of Questions: 40-60 Domains
Exam Time Duration: 120 minutes Domains
Format of Exam: Multiple Choice Questions, Drag and Drop, Multiple Answers, Scenario-based. Domains

Requirements to ace in Windows Virtual Desktop

  • These duties include the deployment of virtual desktop experiences and applications to Azure.
  • This position involves delivering Windows Virtual Desktop programs and optimizing them for multi-session digital realities.
  • They collaborate with Azure administration and architects, as well as Microsoft 365 managers, to implement these standards.

What you need to know

  • In order to get the AZ-140 cert, applicants must have a solid understanding of Azure platforms, covering networking, identification, backups and durability, storage, and recovery plans.
  • Switching to Windows Virtual Desktop calls for an understanding of on-premises virtual desktop network technology.
  • Many of their tasks may be accomplished by familiarizing themselves with the Azure interface and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, which can be found in the Microsoft cloud.
  • PowerShell and Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) may be used to automate tasks more efficiently.
  • Azure administrative expertise is required for this certification.

Course of Study: AZ-140

Five domains make up “Microsoft Exam AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure”, which covers a wide variety of technical concepts and expertise. This program outline’s value is enhanced by the fact that it starts each domain with a variety of subtopics. Make sure that you spend enough time on each and every topic and that you understand the ideas thoroughly.

Plan a Windows Virtual Desktop Architecture (10-15%)

Construct the structure of the Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Taking a look at current real and virtual desktop setups.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop’s available bandwidth and performance estimations are in the works right now.
  • An os recommendation for a Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • A plan for resolving domain names in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD DS).
  • Host pool architectural design.
  • Offering memberships and management firm recommendations.
  • In Windows Virtual Desktop, you may choose a place for metadata.
  • Recommendation of a performance-optimized setup.
  • Configuring Azure Virtual Machine capacity needs with a recommendation.

Identity and account design for users

  • Windows Virtual Desktop license model selection depending on criteria.
  • Going to recommend a cloud storage that meets your needs.
  • Preparing for the installation of Windows Virtual Desktop clients.
  • Creating user profiles is an important part of the planning process.
  • Proposing a network connection solution.
  • Consider using Azure AD Connect to manage user IDs.

Implement a Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (25-30%)

Implementation and administration of Windows Virtual Desktop networking

  • Constructing a connection to the Azure virtual network. Controlling access to the internet and the networks inside an organization.
  • Administering and executing security measures for a network.
  • Azure Bastion is used to organize a Windows Virtual Desktop session.
  • Keeping an eye on and resolving issues with a network connection.

Windows Virtual Desktop Storage Installation and Administration

  • FSLogix elements’ storage has to be set up.
  • Profiles for storage. Setup the disk.
  • Building a network of files.

Host pools and session hosts may be set up and configured in this way.

  • Employing the Azure interface to create a host pool.
  • Utilizing “PowerShell, the Command-Line Interface (CLI), and Azure Resource Manager” patterns, you may systematize the establishment of Windows Virtual Desktop hosts and host pools.
  • Creating a pool of hosts that is Windows-based customer or server session hosts.
  • Management of licensing for “Windows client and server session hosts”.
  • Host pool assignments for customers.
  • Set up the host pool in the appropriate manner.
  • Fixes to the operating system and applications on a running Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Making session hosts more secure and compliant.

Organize and create photos for use in sessions

  • Creating a gold-colored picture is a simple process.
  • Changing the picture of a session host.
  • Utilizing a manual image to install a session host.
  • Preparation for pic management and updating.
  • Establish and maintain a Public pic Gallery.
  • Diagnosing Windows Virtual Desktop-related OS issues.

“Manage Access and Security (10-15%)”

Control who has access to what information.

  • Using Azure roles and RBAC for Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • regulating the local tasks, communities, and rights delegation on hosts running Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Utilizing Azure AD community guidelines and AD policies to limit user access.

Control who has access to security

  • Connecting to a Windows Virtual Desktop through Predicate Access rules.
  • Adding two-factor validation to the Windows Virtual Desktop environment is now possible.
  • Utilizing Azure Security Center to keep an eye on things.
  • Setting up “Microsoft Defender Antivirus” for use on session servers.

“Manage User Environments and Apps (20-25%)”

Take care of everything using FSLogix

  • Preparation for the FSLogix conference.
  • FSLogix configuration and installation.
  • Prepare the Profile Containers for Use.
  • In the cloud.
  • FSLogix profile migration for users.

Set up the user interface.

  • Setting up a printer for universal use.
  • Guidelines and Endpoint Manager policies may be used to get insight into the settings of individual users.
  • Permanent and non-permanent computer desktops.
  • Features of a host pool’s RDP interface.
  • Changing the session timeout settings.
  • It is necessary to fix problems with user profiles.
  • Knowledge of Windows Virtual Desktop clients troubleshooting.

To set up a session host, follow these steps:

  • Setting up MSIX App Attachment for support real – time distribution.
  • App masking may be implemented.
  • Creating a RemoteApp for an app.
  • Supporting many users in a OneDrive for Business installation.
  • Configuring and deploying the AV Redirect for Microsoft Teams.
  • The administration of web browsers and connectivity for sessions running Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • establishing and customizing the settings for an application group.
  • Fixing Windows Virtual Desktop-related program difficulties.

“Monitor and Maintain a Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (20-25%)”

Prepare for and put in place measures to ensure that your firm is resilient in the event of an emergency.

  • Putting into action a strategy for the restoration of Windows Virtual Desktop in the event of an emergency.
  • the process of developing a backup plan for Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • FSLogix user profiles, individual VDIs, and golden images data backup configuration.

Optimize the administration of Windows Virtual Desktops.

  • The process of setting up Windows Virtual Desktop digitization.
  • Managing “host pools, session hosts, and user sessions through PowerShell and Azure CLI”.
  • Host pool auto scaling may be implemented.

Keep tabs on your performance and well-being.

  • Azure Monitor may be used to observe a Windows virtual desktop.
  • Using Azure Advisor, you may create a Windows virtual desktop.
  • The process of modifying Azure Monitor spreadsheets to monitor Windows Virtual Desktops Enhancing the capacity and performance of the session host.
  • Keeping tabs on all of the open sessions and apps.
  • Auto scaling outcomes may be monitored and improved.

Preparing for the Microsoft AZ-140 Exam with These Proven Ways!

When studying for your Microsoft certification examinations, you’ll need to be familiar with a few key concepts. In order to do well on your test, you’ll need to make use of study aids. A few things to keep in mind while preparing for the Microsoft AZ-140 certification exam:

1. Know What to Expect on the AZ-140 Test

Getting information about the AZ-140 certification test should be your first order of business. This includes the goals or abilities being assessed and the desired framework. Having an understanding of the abilities being tested can help you choose the right resources for your preparation.

2. AZ-140 Practice Tests will help you succeed.

In order to prepare for the AZ-140 Certification Exam, use the AZ-140 Practice Exam. Taking the AZ-140 practice test allows you to have a better understanding of the exam and how to approach the questions, as well as identify any weaknesses you may have. It’s also critical to know how to locate valid AZ-140 sample questions. Consider getting an AZ-140 practice test that covers all of the exam objectives in great detail. The Dumpsgate website offers the best AZ-140 preparation exam available.

3. You may also watch videos on the internet.

Studying at your own speed is one of the benefits of online video learning. After completing the training program, you may go back and review any material you may have missed. These are essential study aids that you can’t afford to ignore.

4. Keep a Study Journal for the AZ-140 Exam

It is impossible to fail the AZ-140 test if you take notes. When you’re studying for your test, jot down any piece of technical knowledge that comes to mind as you go through the material. If you’ve written down the solution to a well-known test question, it’s much easier to recollect it afterward. You may write on paper, or you can use digital notebooks like OneNote, to keep track of your thoughts.

5. Make the Most of Your Time

Make better use of your time. Prepare for the Microsoft AZ-140 test in a reasonable amount of time for each subject. Keeping track of your test time is also critical. Don’t get bogged down in one AZ-140 test question for too long. Start with easy questions and work your way up to the more difficult ones afterward. If you don’t know the answer to a question, you may either guess or go on to the next question. This will increase your chances of passing your Microsoft AZ-140 certification test since you won’t have to rush.

Why You Should Pass the AZ-140 Exam?

1. Growth in one’s professional life

As most customers and businesses are aware of advanced training, you may expect to see an increase in your revenue as a result. Because it demonstrates their expertise in their field, most companies are willing to pay higher salaries to employees who possess this knowledge.

2. A Career That Allows for Flexibility

There are several employment paths open to those with a Microsoft Azure certification. An architect of a system, a developer, or a cloud engineer are all possibilities. As an added benefit, you’ll be qualified to work in a variety of positions across several industries with the certification in hand. The cloud’s storage, computation, and networking advantages are making it a popular choice for businesses across many sectors.

3. Make Yourself a Good Employee

If you have a certification from Microsoft in the “Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty”, you have the potential to be a very useful addition to any company. In a nutshell, Microsoft Azure certification enhances the revenue of the Azure platform.

4. Payouts Are Better

Additionally, acquiring a Microsoft Azure certification can help you earn a better salary and boost your company’s brand reputation. Having Microsoft Azure certification indicates that you are an expert in the field. Cloud computing experts are paid more than those in other IT sectors because of the increased competition.

5. Keep abreast of the most recent developments in your field.

When you engage in an authorized eLearning course, you study the most current information and are kept up to speed on the newest advances. Constantly learning something new is the best way to expand your wisdom, comprehension, and skills. Acquiring these teachings from other sites is usually too time-consuming if you have to do many things, such as job and volunteer work, at the same time. Therefore, seek quick pdf dumps and other facilities from

Final Thoughts for AZ-140 Exam

Everyone wants to boost their careers, and there are many ways to do that. But, if you wish to acquire new skills as quickly as possible, certifications are the proven way. If you are involved in Azure Virtual Desktop skills, you should take the Microsoft AZ-140 exam, and it will give you a solid grip on the subject and secure a better job. If an organization sees that you are Microsoft certified, it spontaneously raises your chances of getting a good job.


Is AZ 140 difficult?

I wouldn’t advocate taking this test if you aren’t knowledgeable about Azure at the Administration level. But if you are at some level then we would suggest you try our PDF Dumps and practice tests for specific quick learning.

What is az-140?

Taking this test shows how well you can develop and construct an Azure Virtual Desktop architecture, administer accessibility and security, improve user settings and applications, and control and evaluate an Azure Virtual Desktop architecture.

How do I deploy an azure on a Windows virtual desktop?

Start by creating an Azure Virtual Desktop link to distant resources and allowing consumers to connect a desktop and programs through application communities. Finally, you’ll be able to link to the workspace by downloading and running the Azure Virtual Desktop client for Windows.

How many questions are there in Exam AZ-140?

It is an MCQ test that consists of between 40 and 60 questions.

In which languages Exam AZ-140 is available?

Only the English version is available.

How much time does the candidate get to complete the Exam AZ-140?

To finish the Exam, the applicant will have 120 minutes.

How can I prepare for Exam AZ-140?

To be prepared for the exam, the applicant must go through the steps outlined in our guide, which include accessing the official site, reading and studying relevant books and guides, setting learning goals, and taking a mock test

How much does the Exam AZ-140 cost?

It costs 165 USD, although the price varies depending on the exchange rate in the nations and areas where the exam is offered. The cost of an exam cannot rise or fall arbitrarily. Additional taxes may be imposed in various nations and areas.


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