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Exam Title: SOA-C02 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam

Certification Name: Amazon SysOps Administrator

Exam Code: SOA-C02

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Introduction to AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate SOA-C02 Exam 

If you are connected to the IT profession and are looking for a way to boost the effectiveness of your career as a cloud practitioner then AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate is here for you. This exam is perfect for those who want to boost and represent their skills in cloud practice operations and relevant skills. All you need is 1 year of experience in security, deployment, networking and managing AWS.

To acquire AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification a candidate is required to pass the SOA-C02 exam which assesses the candidature’s skills and knowledge and prove him eligible for the certification. The exam, therefore, consists of a detailed syllabus and is extensive in nature. But you do not have to worry about the preparation and passing the exam because you have got the company of Dumpsgate exam dumps with you. These exam dumps contain all the exam questions which will help you cover all the syllabus in the blink of an eye without compromising the efficiency of quality. So let’s see what this exam has for you!

What are the abilities and skills measured in the Latest SOA-C02 exam?

After the assessment by this exam, you will be rewarded with the certification that is why the SOA-C02 exam makes sure that it does its job to the fullest. Following are the capabilities assessed by the SOA-C02.

  • The expertise of the candidate in Deployment, management, and operation of workloads on AWS
  • Abilities of a candidate to maintain the respective AWS workloads following the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Performing operations with the help of AWS Management Console
  • Skills in implementing the security controls in order to meet the corresponding compliance requirements
  • Expertise in monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting the respective systems
  • Abilities to apply networking concepts including DNS, TCP/IP and firewalls
  • Skills in implementation of architectural requirements which include high availability, performance and building capacity
  • Ability to perform procedures for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Expertise in Identification, classification, mitigation and remediation of the respective incidents

What are the prerequisites of SOA-C02?

SOA-C02 demands one year of experience in the security, deployment, networking, and managing of AWS. Apart from this, in-depth knowledge about the AWS architectural framework is recommended. Furthermore, the knowledge about networking, security services, and implementing the security controls and compliance requirements in AWS will be the strong point for you.

What is the syllabus content of the SOA-C02 exam?

Following are the domains that will be focused on in the SOA-C02 exam.AWS-Certified_Sysops-Administrator_Associate Exam

Domain 1: Monitor, Log, and Remediate – 20%

It is divided into two parts according to focused contents.

Implementation of metrics, alarms, and filters with the help of AWS monitoring and logging services

  • Identifying, collecting, analyzing, and exporting logs i.e. Amazon CloudWatch Logs, AWS CloudTrail logs etc.
  • Collecting metrics and logs with the help of CloudWatch agent
  • Creation of CloudWatch alarms
  • Creation of metric filters
  • Creation of CloudWatch dashboards
  • Configuration of notifications like Amazon Simple Notification Service [Amazon SNS], AWS Health events, Service Quotas etc.

Remediation of issues based on monitoring and availability metrics

  • Troubleshooting and implying solutions on the basis of notifications and alarms
  • Configuration of Amazon Event
  • Bridging rules in order to implement respective actions
  • Using AWS Systems Manager Automation documents to implement actions on the basis of AWS configuration rules.

Domain 2: Reliability and Business Continuity – 16%

It consists of three subdomains as follows.

Implementation of scalability and elasticity

  • Creating and maintaining AWS Auto Scaling plans
  • Implementing the caching
  • Implementing the replicas of Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora
  • Implementing loosely coupled architectures
  • Differentiating between horizontal scaling and vertical scaling and deciding the preference

Implementation of high availability and resilient environments

  • Configuring the Elastic Load Balancer and Amazon Route 53 health checks
  • Differentiating between the use of a single Availability Zone and Multi-AZ deployments
  • Implementing the fault-tolerant workloads
  • Implementing the routing policies of Route 53 which include failover, weighted, latency

Implementation of backup and restore strategies

  • Automation of snapshots and backups on the basis of use cases
  • Restoring the respective databases
  • Implementing the rules of versioning and lifecycle
  • Configuring the Amazon S3 Cross-Region Replication
  • Executing the procedures of disaster mitigation and recovery

Domain 3: Deployment, Provisioning, and Automation – 18%

The third domain of SOA-C02 consists of two subdomains

Provision and maintain cloud resources

  • Creating and managing the respective AMIs including EC2 Image Builder)
  • Creating, managing and troubleshooting the AWS CloudFormation
  • Providing the resources across the concerned AWS Regions and accounts like AWS Resource Access Manager, Cloud Formation Stack Sets etc.
  • Selecting the suitable deployment scenarios and services e.g. blue/green, rolling etc.
  • Identifying and remediating the respective deployment issues

Automate manual or repeatable processes

  • Using the AWS services Manager for the automation of deployment processes which include, CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Systems Implement automated patch management
  • Scheduling the respective automated tasks by using AWS features and services

Domain 4: Security and Compliance – 16%

This domain consists of two subdomains as follows.

Implementation and management of security and relevant compliance policies

  • Implementing the corresponding IAM features including password policies, MFA, roles, federated identity and resource policies etc.
  • Troubleshooting and auditing the access issues by using AWS services
  • Validating the respective service control policies and relevant permission
  • Reviewing the AWS Trusted Advisor security checks
  • Validation of AWS Region and service selections on the basis of the corresponding compliance requirements
  • Implementing the multi-account strategies which maximize the security

Implementation of data and infrastructure protection strategies

  • Enforcement of data classification scheme
  • Creation, management, and protection of the respective encryption keys
  • Implementation of encryption at rest
  • Implementation of in-transit encryption
  • Securely storage of secrets of the company by using AWS services
  • Reviewing reports or relevant findings

Domain 5: Networking and Content Delivery – 18%

This domain consists of three subdomains and is mentioned below.

Implementation of networking features and connectivity

  • Configuration of a VPC e.g. subnets, route tables, security groups, network ACLs, NAT gateway, internet gateway etc.
  • Configuration of private connectivity e.g. Systems Manager Session Manager, VPC peering, VPC endpoints, VPN etc.
  • Configuration of AWS network protection services

Configuration of domains, DNS services, and content delivery

  • Configuration of zones and records hosted by Route 53
  • Implementation of Route 53 routing policies
  • Configuration of DNS like Resolver)
  • Configuration of Amazon CloudFront and origin access identity of S3 (OAI)
  • Configuration of S3 static website hosting

Troubleshooting the network connectivity issues

  • Interpretation of VPC configurations
  • Collection and interpretation of corresponding logs
  • Identification and remediation of CloudFront caching issues
  • Troubleshooting the hybrid and private connectivity issues

Domain 6: Cost and Performance Optimization – 12%

This domain consists of two subdomains as follows.

Implementing the cost optimization strategies

  • Implementation of cost allocation tags.
  • Identifying and remediating underutilized resources with the help of AWS services and features
  • Configuring the AWS Budgets
  • Configuring the billing alarms
  • Assessing the patterns of resource usage to qualify the corresponding workloads
  • Identification of opportunities to get help from managed services

Implementing the performance optimization strategies

  • Recommendation of computing resources on the basis of performance metrics
  • Monitoring of Amazon EBS metrics
  • Modification of configuration to boost the efficiency
  • Implementation of S3 performance features
  • Monitoring the RDS metrics
  • Enabling the enhanced and boosted EC2 capabilities

Important Exam information about SOA-C02

Further exam information about SOA-C02 is as follows.

  • The exam code is SOA-C02.
  • The exam duration is 130 minutes.
  • The number of questions is 65 questions.
  • The question type is MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), Multiple responses, and Exam lab questions based on scenarios.
  • The required Passing percentage is 72% i.e. 720/1000.
  • The exam fee for SOA-C02 is $150 USD. Visit Exam pricing for additional cost information.
  • The exam language is English.
  • Schedule Exam here

How to prepare for the SOA-C02 in 2024?

Looking at this extensive exam content list may have scared you out but imagine possessing all these skills and having a strong grasp of all the relevant concepts. Now imagine a certification representing all your skills and expertise on your resume for you. Is not it amazing? All of this is possible by taking the SOA-C02 exam and acquiring AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification. Now the question arises that how to prepare for the exam efficiently. We have one word answer for your question i.e. “Dumpsgate”. Dumpsgate brings authentic exam dumps 2024 for SOA-C02 aspirants like you.

These PDF dumps by Dumpsgate offer experts’ exam questions for you to prepare the whole syllabus. The exam questions are answered with valid explanations so that you can clear all of your relevant concepts. These exam dumps are reviewed and updated by the Dumpsgate IT experts regularly to keep pace with the requirement of the time. So now stop looking for sites to prepare your domains separately and d prepare all of them from a single guide source i.e. Dumpsgate SOA-C02 dumps.

What does Dumpsgate offer for SOA-C02 Exam?

Are you wondering why to choose Dumpsgate over others then here is the reason why? Dumpsgate braindumps are prepared and approved by experts as authentic and updated exam dumps. Furthermore, these exam dumps allow you to cover the whole syllabus from a single prep source making you aware of the type of exam questions, you may encounter in the exam. Other advantages offered by Dumpsgate are as follows.

  • You will get access to Real and Updated SOA-C02 exam dumps.
  • You will get an opportunity to learn from detailed exam questions and valid answers prepared by experts.
  • Dumpsgate offers Safe and Secure payment methods for customers’ ease.
  • 100% Pass guarantee is offered by Dumpsgate
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Frequently Asked Questions for SOA-C02 Exam

How hard is AWS SysOps certification?

AWS SysOps certification exam is not that difficult but requires good preparation because of its extensive syllabus. To pass the exam, all you will need is hard work and a reliable source of preparation like Dumpsgate exam dumps. These exam dumps contain authentic exam questions with valid answers to help you cover the whole syllabus.

What does an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate do?

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate is best suited for anyone who wants to learn the automation, networking, system installations, and other functions on AWS. 

Is the AWS cloud practitioner worth it?

AWS cloud practitioner certifications are recognized worldwide as these boost understanding and expertise of a candidate regarding the AWS platform. Acquiring the respective certification will not only boost your career but will prove your fitness for any relevant job opening for you. Download Update CLF-C01 Exam questions for Cloud Practitioner exam preparation.

Is AWS SysOps worth it?

As SysOps will make your understanding of the AWS platform strong, it is good to make you an expert in the field. The certification will also represent a long list of your expertise in reference to the AWS platform on your resume.

How do I become an AWS SysOps administrator?

All you have to do is to take the SOA-C02 test and pass it. Dumpsgate is there to help you pass the exam with its effective exam dumps. These exam dumps will give you a good understanding of the concepts and will help you develop a strong grasp to nail the exam.

How do I prepare for AWS SysOps admin associate?

If you are looking for a source to help you prepare for the SysOps admin associate exam then you are at the right place. Dumpsgate exam dumps help candidates to prepare all the exam contents well by its authentic and valid exam questions.

Is AWS Solution Architect Associate retiring?

AWS Solution Architect Associate SAA-C02 exam isn’t retiring, you can acquire certification AWS CSA Certification by passing the SAA-C02 exam, which will still be valid for three years.

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