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Snowflake ARA-C01 Dumps

Exam Title: SnowPro Advanced Architect Certification

Certification Name: SnowPro Certification

Exam Code: ARA-C01

Total Questions: 65

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Boost Your Preparation For The SnowPro Advanced Architect Exam With Dumpsgate’s  ARA-C01 Exam Dumps 

Are you on your journey to pursuing a career in architecting solutions in the IT space and have chosen Snowflake’s SnowPro Advanced Architect certification to get you there? Great choice! This certification is perfect for gaining the relevant knowledge and skills to pursue a lucrative career as a solutions architect within the Snowflake ecosystem. 

However, we’re sure that by now you have realized preparing and passing this exam will not be an easy feat to accomplish. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Dumpsgate’s premium ARA-C01 dumps offer real questions that align with the latest syllabus and have been curated by experts in the field to help you ace your exam on the first go! 

What Is the Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Architect Certification Exam?

Offered by Snowflake Inc., the SnowPro Advanced Architect certification exam aims to test individuals on advanced knowledge and skills that are considered crucial for the application of comprehensive architect solutions using Snowflake. This involves sufficient knowledge of how to:

  • Designing end-to-end data flow from source to consumption using Snowflake’s Platform. 
  • Designing and deploying a data architecture that meets business, security, and compliance requirements.
  • Selecting appropriate Snowflake and third-party tools to optimize architecture performance.
  • Designing and deploying a shared data set using the Snowflake Marketplace and Data Exchange.

Insights Into The Exam Structure

One of the first steps to your preparation, regardless of the exam, should always be to get a good understanding of the exam structure. We have summarized all the key details relating to the exam structure in the table below to give you a better idea of the exam itself: 

Exam Name  SnowPro Advanced Architect 
Exam Code  ARA-C01
Exam Format  Multiple Select, Multiple Choice
No. Of Questions  65 Questions 
Exam Duration  115 Minutes 
Passing Score  750 (On a scale from 0 – 1,000)
Language English 

Major Exam Domain

Another important aspect of a more streamlined approach to preparation and a more effective practice is getting a good idea of all the different key domains that are tested in the exam. Fortunately, Snowflake has defined these domains specifically, along with their respective weightage in the exam. It is as follows: 

Key Domain 

  Domain Weightage 

Accounts and Security           25-30%
Snowflake Architecture     25-30%
Data Engineering 20-25%
Performance Optimization  20-25%
Prerequisites For The ARA-C01 Exam

In order to take the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam, candidates are expected to attempt and pass their SnowPro Core Certified exam. 

In addition, candidates are recommended to have 2+ years of practical experience with Snowflake as an Architect in a production environment. In these two years, successful candidates would have achieved hands-on expertise with:

  • SQL and SQL analytics
  • experience building out a complex ETL/ELT pipeline
  • experience implementing security and compliance requirements
  • working with different data modeling techniques. 

Moreover, having coding experience outside of SQL and DevOps/DataOps design experience is a plus.

Cost Of the ARA-C01 Exam 

The registration cost for the Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam is $375. 

Target Audience

The SnowPro Advanced Architect certification is targeted at individuals interested in architecting solutions and pursuing roles such as Solutions Architect, Database Architect, and Systems Architect. 

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The IT space is constantly evolving, with new technologies and tools being introduced on the regular. Snowflake, a leading giant in the cloud computing space, of course also introduces changes and improvements, especially in their certifications, to reflect the changes in the IT space. Hence when preparing for their ARA-C01 certification, it is vital to use preparation/ practice materials that reflect all the latest changes in the syllabus. 

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What is the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) certification exam?

The Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) certification exam assesses the candidate’s ability to apply advanced knowledge and skills in architecting solutions using Snowflake. This includes knowledge about accounts and security, Snowflake architecture, data engineering, and performance optimization. 

Is the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) certification worth it?

Yes, absolutely! Obtaining a well-recognized certification such as the Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Architect certification can help you stand out in a competitive job market by validating your knowledge and skills and boosting your career opportunities

What is the cost of the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam?

The cost of the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam is $375. 

How long is the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam? 

The SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam is expected to be 115 minutes long. 

Is the SnowPro Advanced Architect certification exam difficult?

The SnowPro Advanced Architect certification exam tests advanced knowledge and skills which means that it requires deep knowledge and skills in architecting solutions using Snowflake. Hence, you might find certain questions in the exam difficult or tricky to attempt. However, with good preparation and sufficient practice, you will find the ARA-C01 a lot easier to pass. 

What is the passing score for the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam?

The passing score for the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) is 750. This is measured on a scale of 0 – 1,000. 

Are there any prerequisites for the SnowPro Advanced Architect exam?

Yes! In order to take the SnowPro Advanced Architect exam, candidates are expected to first clear their SnowPro Core Certified certification exam. 

How can I pass the SnowPro Architect Architect (ARA-C01) exam? 

The path to passing your SnowPro Architect Architect involves getting a good theoretical knowledge of all the major domains that are to be tested in the exam along with sufficient practice. Our dumps are the ideal source for an effective practice and a well-rounded preparation. 

Where can I get the best dumps for the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam in 2024? 

In 2024, you can get the best dumps for the Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Architect exam at Dumpsgate. Our ARA-C01 dumps contain a comprehensive set of questions along with verified answers that have been compiled by experts. They reflect all the latest changes introduced by Snowflake in their ARA-C01 syllabus and offer them at cost-effective prices. 

Where can I get affordable dumps for the SnowPro Advanced Architect (ARA-C01) exam? 

 The most affordable ARA-C01 exam dumps can be found at Dumpsgate. Dumpsgate offers good value for money, offering a comprehensive package of sample practice questions at affordable prices and ensuring accessibility to everyone. 


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