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All about Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900

Overview of AI-900 Exam

In the modern complicated and tough business climate, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone a long way. People and businesses alike are taking use of this new technology in order to encourage innovation and give customers and clients a seamless experience.

Anyone who wants to enter the AI business and career environment will find this program to be a great starting point for learning “Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals”. “Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900)” certification training dates are shown below.

Exam Name Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
Exam Code AI-900
No. of Questions 50-60
Exam Time Duration 90 Minutes
Passing score 700/1000 Or 70%
Exam Cost USD 99
Language English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese
Format of Exam Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Response Questions


Candidates Targeting the AI-900 Exam

It is designed for applicants with both scientific and non-scientific expertise to take the “Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) exam”.

What’s the point of using Azure AI?

Different explanations might be used to explain the case for switching to Azure AI:

  • It provides a platform for implementing AI solutions on the cloud.
  • A no-code ML model is provided for managing data.
  • It aids in the implementation and testing of AI setups.
  • You may think of AI as a way to create smarter, more cost-effective arrangements at the edge.
  • You’re able to arrange and separate the management of information and its requirements.

What You Will Learn: Skills Measured

Test subjects for the new Microsoft AI-900 exam are:

1: “Describe Artificial Intelligence workloads and considerations (15-20%)”

1.1 Recognize common characteristics of AI tasks.

  • Determining the tasks associated with prediction and forecasting.
  • How to find anomaly detection workload characteristics?
  • Determine the computer vision workloads that need to be accounted for.
  • Determining the time required for tasks such as computational linguistics or data mining.
  • Recognizing AI-enabled dialogue tasks

1.2 Decide on standards for ethical artificial intelligence.

  • an explanation of how an AI system’s fairness considerations work.
  • Describing the factors that go towards an AI solution’s dependability and safety.
  • Discussing privacy and security implications for an AI solution.
  • How to include concepts for diversity and inclusion in an AI system
  • An explanation of how an AI solution’s transparency is taken into account.
  • An AI solution’s accountability concerns are described.

2: “Describe fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure (30- 35%)”

2.1 Recognize the most frequent forms of machine learning.

  • Regression machine learning situations are identified.
  • Defining machine learning classification situations.
  • Machine learning cases where clustering is used.

2.2 Define the fundamentals of machine learning.

  • Identification of data points that can be used to train machine learning.
  • Explaining how machine learning uses training and validation datasets.
  • In which techniques for model training are described using the language of machine learning
  • Reliability measures for classification and regression models.

2.3 Create a machine learning solution by identifying the most important activities in the process.

  • Providing an overview of how data is gathered and processed.
  • How to choose the best features for your project commonalities in the training and assessment of models?
  • Model deployment and management have many similarities.

2.4 Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning Studio has no-code machine learning features that can be shown.

  • Azure’s Machine Learning designer.
  • The ML Wizard UI is automated.

Topic 3: “Describe features of computer vision workloads on Azure (15-20%)”

3.1 Learn to recognize popular computer vision solutions.

  • Aspects of image classification solutions that can be identified as feature-rich systems for detecting objects
  • Approaches for semantic segmentation are identified.
  • Optical character recognition characteristics to look for.
  • Face recognition and analysis solutions are identified.

3.2 Use Azure’s machine vision tools and services to find out more.

  • Determine the service’s computer vision abilities.
  • Defining the custom vision service’s features.
  • Define the face service’s features.
  • Form Recognizer’s identification features.

4: “Describe features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure (15-20%)”

4.1 NLP Workforce Situation: Analyze common NLP Workforce Situation elements.

  • Identification of keyphrase extraction characteristics and applications.
  • Recognize the characteristics and applications of entity recognition software.
  • Figuring out how sentiment analysis can be used using language modeling to find traits and applications.
  • Describe the characteristics and applications of voice synthesis and recognition software.
  • Recognizing traits and their intended use for translation.

4.2 Determine Azure services and technologies that can be used for NLP.

  • Determine the features of the services of Text Analytics.
  • Determining the strengths of the “Language Understanding Service (LUIS)”.
  • Discover the features of the services of Speech.
  • Find out the abilities of Translator Text Service.

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How to ace the AI-900 exam?

Candidates who want to be accepted for the test should keep these pointers in mind prior to taking the actual exam:

  • Prepare for the exam by doing a System Check.
  • Fill in the blanks, legitimate or fake, varied replies, multiple options, and simplified are just some of the sorts of questions you may face on the exam.
  • Be prepared for it! To avoid becoming bogged down on a single question for an inordinate amount of time, use caution and rapidity while fielding questions.
  • The new requests may be ignored and returned at a later time.
  • During the exam, there will be no time to take a break.

Outcomes of Course Certification

Below are some of the benefits of taking this assessment:

  • Azure AI Engineers are becoming more important as AI technology advances.
  • Cloud engineers’ vision for the development of beginning arrangements using AI and ML on Azure is enormous.
  • You’ll be able to get more things as a result of this.
  • A group of Azure AI engineers, including data engineers, data scientists and AI designers must work together since these professions are all intertwined.


Acquiring and passing the AI-900 exam is critical to selecting your career path and developing a solid platform on which to stand. In order to be noticed in your present or future job, you won’t be wasting any time. Use the study resources listed above to ensure that you are prepared for the exam. Your talents will improve in direct proportion to the amount of work you put in.

Consequently, we recommend using our Microsoft Certification Exam Dumps, which have been reviewed by our team of experts at Dumpsgate.


1. What is the AI-900 exam?

“Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)” principles and associated “Microsoft Azure” services are the focus of this test. Applicants for this exam ought to be knowledgeable with the content for either self-paced studying or learning with a trainer for Exam AI-900.

2. How to find and download AI-900 Exam Dumps?

Sites such as Dumpsgate provide test-prep services and online courses from subject matter experts and working professionals. Before the exam, feel confident in your abilities and self-worth. You can find and download AI-900 exam dumps from Dumpsgate. 

3. Does AI-900 expire?

Exam AI-900 results are valid for indefinite periods of time and do not expire. All Microsoft role-based certification examinations and specialist certificates have a one-year expiration date.

4. How long does it take to prepare for AI-900?

When preparing for the AI-900 exam, use the expert study plan. You should be prepared to take the AI-900 test within two months of rigorous study. We also encourage that you purchase the practice exams so that you can monitor your progress as you move through online courses. Attending a class taught by a professional teacher is also an option.

5. How many questions are there in AI-900 exam?

There are about 50-60 questions that can be asked in AI-900 exam

6. How many attempts are required for AI-900?

A candidate can take 5 attempts in year. Following is the exam retake policy for AI-900 exam:

  • If a candidate does not pass an exam the first time, the candidate must wait 24 hours before retaking it.
  • If a candidate fails to pass the exam a second time, he or she must wait at least 14 days before retaking it a third time.
  • There is a 14-day waiting period between the third and fourth attempts, as well as the fourth and fifth tries.
  • A candidate is not permitted to take a specific exam more than five times within a year. This one-year period begins on the day the candidate makes their first attempt. After 12 months have passed from the date of the candidate’s initial try, they are allowed to retake the exam.
  • If a candidate takes an exam more than five times per year or asks for the time between attempts to be waived, he or she must have one of the problems detailed below and ask Microsoft for an exception.
  • You are not permitted to retake an exam that you have already completed unless your certification has expired.
  • The price for retaking the exam must be paid.

7. What is the passing score for AI-900?

Passing score for AI-900 exam is 700 out of 1000.

8. Is the AI-900 worth it?

Whether or not the AI-900 is good enough to justify your money will be determined by how well you fall into one of three categories: You use Azure-based artificial intelligence and machine learning on a regular basis. So, if you have a passion for technology, this diploma is for you. You’re familiar with AI and machine learning technology, but you don’t engage with it on a daily basis.

9. How hard is the AI-900 exam?

As a consequence of this, the AI-900 exam is a bit more difficult. For one thing, there is no simple formula for success on the test. In the event you use Dumpsgate’s practice tests or exam dumps, you won’t have to stress out. It is as simple as pie! The examination shouldn’t be too difficult for you to pass after practicing with our sample questions.

10. How much is the cost for AI-900 Certification Exam?

The Cost is USD 99 only. However, these costs depend on where the test is scheduled.

11. Is the AI-900 exam proctored?

Virtual proctoring is provided for this exam because then you shouldn’t have to make a journey for this exam. Just before the test, go through all of the material again.

12. Is AI-900 multiple choice?

Indeed, this exam uses MCQs as well as case studies to check the abilities of candidates.

13. What happens if you fail AI-900?

If a candidate fail during AI-900 exam he can simply retake exam by following process on Microsoft’s official website. 

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