Docker Certification Roadmap: A Complete Study Guide in 2024

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Docker is one of the leading container technologies that is sought by professionals. This technology has become a center of attention and the reason why thousands of candidates aim to gain its credential badge. A certification acts as a pillar to support and uplift your skills and abilities. However, preparation for this exam might be a stumbling block for you. You might be confused to decide whether this credential is right for you to take or not. If yes, then this blog contains substantial answers that are appropriate for all your queries. It has been prepared to give you a complete overview of the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam. You will get a precise idea about everything, including the DCA exam details, course outline, cost, benefits, preparation tips, and difficulty level.

Things You Must Know About Docker Certified Associate Exam

The Docker DCA exam tests the ability of a candidate to run, configure and maintain the platform. The exam has 42 discrete option multiple choice (DOCM) and 13 multiple-choice questions. Candidates can take the exam remotely on Windows or Mac computers. The exam is only available in English.

Principal Cost to Earn Docker Certified Associate Exam

The cost of the exam is dependent on a few factors like the exam registration cost, dumps cost and the study course. Price of the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification exam is USD 195 or €200. The voucher for registration is available online. If you have to take the learning course and the practice sessions, this will add to the cost of your exam.

Course Topics that are Covered in Docker Certified Associate Exam

Is the Docker Certified Associate Exam Hard to Crack?

The Docker Associate Certification exam is generally not hard to crack. The major reason is that there is plenty of preparation material and study courses available for the preparation of Docker. Moreover, the Docker Associate exam is associate level, so if you have obtained the basic knowledge to run the Docker platform, you can easily crack the course. Experiences from other candidates is useful to get an idea of what kind of questions are expected in the exam and what is their level of difficulty. Hence, you can

Course Preparation Steps and Resources That Lead To Docker Certification

One gets really confused about which resources are reliable to use for the preparation of the Docker Associate certification exam. The ultimate goal is to pass the exam, so authentic and reliable material is required. The following are the steps and courses required to ace the preparation. 

  1. Study The Official Exam Guide

An exam guide is extremely important to get an idea about the details of the exam and its study components. No doubt that the online material is useful to get an idea of the exam but the official study guide has all the relevant and authentic information. 

   2. Learn From A Reliable Exam Course 

Docker courses are taught by a number of training providers. The following are some of the famous ones used by the students:

  • Docker Tailored Bootcamp

It is the official exam course that is offered to provide the students with the most relevant and explanatory lectures. You need to register to take the exam course. 

  • Udemy Course 

Udemy offers a Docker Certified Associate (DCA) course, which is 19.5 hours long. It contains 239 lectures for $29.99.

  • Simplilearn Course

Simplilearn provides the lectures for Docker course preparation. The course has 5 hours of lectures together with the tasks and projects.

  3. Practice The Exam Concepts 

Practice of the concepts help you to secure good scores. Many braindumps sites are available on the internet that provide the reliable exam dumps to furnish your concepts. 

  4. Revise, Repeat, Revise 

Revision is the key to success for any IT exam. Revision is important for proper exam prep and helps you to attempt the exam questions with confidence.  

Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification-Registration Guide

Once you have prepared for the exam, you will register for the exam. The registration process of the Docker Certified Associate exam is easy and instant. You have to register for the exam at least 15 minutes before the exam. Moreover, you can also reschedule the exam any time before the exam starts. The exam is available for 15 minutes after the scheduled time so you have to start your exam within this time. The proctor joins and connects you with the exam link. 

You need to follow the rules and regulations for taking the exam. The room must be free from any distractions. Any notes or exam material is not allowed. No one except you must be present in the room. Your exam ID is verified. If all the exam conditions are met, then you are allotted the exam link. Meanwhile, when you take the exam, the invigilator will proctor your exam. The exam results are delivered immediately. If you pass the exam successfully, you will receive the Docker badge.

Career Prospects of Docker Certified Associate Certification

The benefits and perks might grab your attention before taking the Docker Certified Associate. Hence, in this section, we will light upon the advantages that can help you decide whether it’s worth taking or not! By getting the Docker Certified Associate certification, you will get the opportunity to: 

  • Obtain a digital certificate to prove your skills 
  • Earn a high salary which is up to $184,022 per annum. 
  • Freely use the Docker Certified Associate Logo 
  • Get a verified status to showcase the Docker certification to your employer
  • Become eligible to be a part of Docker network on various platforms
  • Participate in the certified-only groups 

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Final Decision

Earning the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification is a testament to your proficiency in Docker containerization. Following this roadmap will not only equip you with the necessary skills but also instill the confidence to excel in the exam. No doubt, the perks and benefits of gaining the docker associate certification are great, but it is important to note that only 40% of the candidates are able to pass the exam. However, the passing percentage has risen this year due to the vast availability of the exam preparation material. Moreover, DCA certification opens up new ways to professional and expert certifications. So if you want to build a strong basis, this exam is a good go for you. 


The DCA exam is easy if you have carried out proper study material. Secondly, if you have prior knowledge and experience of working with Docker, you can prepare in less time.

No prior knowledge is required. However, if you have 6-8 months of experience working with Docker technology, you will find the exam much more appropriate to gain and showcase your skill badge.

It would take about 3-4 weeks to complete the preparation. Prep time depends on the prior experience and the working knowledge of the candidate. If you are new to the technology, it may take you a few months to prepare.

Yes, the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam is online. You can take the exam at your home or office.



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