A Step-by-Step Guide to Become a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

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In the ever-changing IT landscape, organizations are in the continuous process of streamlining and reconstructing their operations and business infrastructures. The current digitization has increased the demand for ServiceNow professionals, and if you want to get along with the ServiceNow platform, you’re at the right place.

Moreover, if you’re serious about building your career in ServiceNow, get a start with ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification. The blog will give you all ins and out of this certification, its benefits, overview, and who should consider pursuing it. So, brace yourself to get into this exhilarating career! 

Overview of the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

Without a doubt, the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification is one of the most valuable certifications in the current job market and dynamic world of tech. This certification showcases your expertise, skills, and essential knowledge to manage the configuration, maintenance, and implementation of the ServiceNow platforms.

Prerequisites of Obtaining CSA

To obtain this certification, you have to fulfill the required prerequisites and pass the certification exam. 

  • The first requirement a candidate must complete either a three-day ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals training course or on-demand ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals training provided by Now Learning.
  • You have also attended the ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals class and have six months of hands-on experience with ServiceNow.
  • Moreover, if you have industry experience with database concepts and system management, as well as knowledge of IT Help Desk processes and the incident, problem, and change workflows is also beneficial in the exam. 

Who Should Pursue the CSA Certification?

  • Any IT professional who wants to build expertise in the ServiceNow platform can get this certification.
  • ServiceNow administrator who wants to build proficiency in managing and operating the ServiceNow platform. 
  • Moreover, if you’re a Project manager who is responsible for implementing ServiceNow functionalities in the organization, the Certified System Administrator certification is the best fit.

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Steps to Get a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Certification

Getting a CSA is not easy as you’re perceiving. In this section, we will give a complete direction on how to get this certification. But make sure you follow the below steps accurately.

Step 1: Meet the CSA Exam Prerequisites

The first step is to complete the required prerequisites, recommended training, and experience. These requirements are must have to be fulfilled in order to sit for the exam.

Step 2: Prepare for the Exam

After completing the requirement process, the next step is to prepare for the ServiceNow Certified Administrator exam. For the exam, you must build a strong grip on the following domains.

  • User Interface & Navigation 20%
  • Collaboration 20%
  • Database Administration 30%
  • Self-Service & Process Automation 20%
  • Introduction to Development 10%

Moreover, you also have experience in IT help desk processes and incident management, and change workflows. Many resources will help you to prepare for this exam, which we will discuss in further sections. 

Step 3: Register for the Exam

The second last step is to register for the exam on the actual day or beforehand. To register and sign up for the exam, go to WebAssessor and schedule the exam at your ease. 

Step 4: Pass the Exam

The last step is to appear in the exam and pass it. The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and you have to pass it in 90 minutes. The exam is computer-based and delivered by ServiceNow testing partner Kryterion, in a proctored environment. Online proctoring is also available. You can choose the testing option according to your availability and ease.

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Cost of ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Certification Exam

To take the exam, it is necessary to take the voucher. With a voucher, you cannot take the exam, it is a ticket for taking the exam. A voucher is included in the instructor-led course which cost $2400.  It’s essential, however, to purchase a voucher after taking the $300 15 hours course. A voucher is priced at US$300. Each voucher is valid for taking an exam only first time. Moreover, after three failed attempts, it is necessary to retake the course. There is also an annual maintenance fee that is $200 which you have to pay to renew the certification.

Benefits of Getting a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Certification

We know there is one thing you eagerly want to know – that is the worth of Certified System Administrator certification. It will be no surprise that this certification is one of the most reputable certifications in the modern tech world. Firstly, this certification will validate your expertise in troubleshooting, configuring, and implementing the ServiceNow platform and technologies. It will build your command over the database concepts, IT help desk, and system management. 

Secondly, the CSA certification is the mark of excellence, greater productivity, and industry recognition. The certification will make encounter problems effectively while keeping you updated with the latest skills and knowledge. Moreover, to get this certification, you have to pass a rigorous test that shows your commitment and unbiased judgment to carry out the task accurately and also elevates your knowledge that you can apply in real-world scenarios. This can lead you to perform better on your job and set a benchmark for other employees. 

Market Demand for the Certified System Administrator Certification

The most important aspect of any certification is the current market demand and salary trend. Undeniably, higher salaries attract more individuals to earn a certification. So, if you’re considering earning ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification, you must give it a go because of the growing job opportunities and better wages. Having a CSA on your resume will attract more employers thus assisting you in the recruitment process and landing your dream job. In addition, in the competitive job market, it will make you stand out by showcasing your proficiency in managing and configuring ServiceNow instances.

To add more, getting this certification opens doors to many job opportunities and you can pursue a career in many lucrative job roles. The top job roles you can get after acquiring the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification are ServiceNow Administrator, ServiceNow Developer, ServiceNow Consultant, or ServiceNow Project Manager.

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ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Top Job Roles and Salaries

ServiceNow Administrator

The average salary of the ServiceNow Administrator in the United States is $107,500. The hourly rate is $51.68. Entry-level positions start at $90,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $135,060 per year.

ServiceNow Developer

The average salary of the ServiceNow Developer is $123,660 or $59.51 per hour in the United States. The salary of an entry-level worker is $105,036 while the most experienced worker can earn up to $156,000.

ServiceNow Consultant

The individuals in this job role can earn an average salary of $130,000 per year in the USA. The typical range falls between $109,725 for entry-level positions and goes up to $160,809 for experienced professionals.

ServiceNow Project Managers

The average ServiceNow project manager salary in the USA is $135,567 per year or $65.18 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $117,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $177,600 per year.

Overall, according to the Payscale, the average ServiceNow professional with CSA certification earn $91,000 which is higher than the average salary of non-certified employees. Moreover, it is evident from the above statistics, that it is one of the most highly-paid certifications in the IT world.

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Expert Recommended Tips to Pass the ServiceNow CSA Exam

While getting the CSA certification is definitely worthwhile, passing the exam isn’t a walk in the park. To get success in this exam, you must have accurate preparation. With the following proven expert tips, you can endeavor the exam with complete success. 

1- Make a structured plan and be strict with that plan. A plan without any action is of no use. Moreover, a controlled study plan will help you remain organized and focused. 

2- Utilize the best study resources and avail training from the best resources. 

3- Practice the exam domains and objectives according to the actual exam and time constraints. This is possible with Dumpsgat ServiceNow CSA exam dumps. It will aid you to prepare like the actual exam and increase your readiness level. 

4- Try to keep yourself motivated. Practicing exam dumps will remove exam anxiety and prepare you for the exam confidently.

Concluding Thoughts

Let’s wrap up things. Getting a lucrative career is a desire of many but without struggle and appropriate practice, you cannot demand and land your desired career. However, don’t brood, ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification has got you covered. Having this reputable certification will get you on board with top Fortune companies and eventually you will see your career achieving new heights in no time. 

So, if you have any career goals in ServiceNow. Get the CSA certification, step into better job opportunities, and brace yourself for an exhilarating and lucrative career.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, if you meet the required experience that is essential for appearing in the CSA exam, the exam will seem pretty easy. However, beginners who are just starting their ServiceNow careers, find this certification exam and prerequisites overwhelming. No need to fret, if you prepare thoroughly and accurately with reliable exam prep resources, you can pass the exam with ease. Dumpsgate offers a complete set of CSA exam dumps that aid you in inclusive preparation.

The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification (CSA) validates the candidate’s ability and essential knowledge in the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow system

There is no exact cost. You have to take the instructor-led training that will lead you to get a voucher. A voucher is a ticket to take the exam. For more information, go to the original website or read the cost section of this blog.

The exam difficulty level is intermediate which means without good preparation, you cannot ace it. Well, how you prepare for the exam depends on several factors such as your previous knowledge, experience, and the study resource you opt for. Whether you’re just starting or want to build competency, the following tips will help you to prepare effectively.

  • Implement a structured study schedule
  • Review the study guide thoroughly
  • Take ServiceNow Administrator Fundamentals training
  • Utilize and practice Dumpsgate CSA exam dumps
  • Moreover, Practice, Practice, and Practice.

ServiceNow Administrator salary in India ranges from 2.5 Lakhs to 9.6 Lakhs with an average annual salary of 4.7 Lakhs 



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