How to Earn CRCM Certification? CRCM Certification Guide, Requirements, and Salary in 2024

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Introduction to CRCM Certification

The American Bank Association (ABA) has launched some certifications with the help of the Institute of Certified Bankers to certify the professional and expert bankers and polish their relevant skills. These certifications cover the skill area of management, compliance, trust, marketing, lending and relevant retirement services. The focused certification on the domain of compliance is Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) which aims to polish the skills of auditors, compliance officers and other relevant professionals. This certification requires you to take the exam to assess the level of your expertise.  The CRCM certification has some experience prerequisites for the exam and also demands focused training in some domains of ABA. If you are looking forward to take the CRCM exam then this article is a complete guide for you.

CRCM exam consists of practical, scenario-based, and conditional questions that require polished skills and cannot be sustained simply through the knowledge and cramming. Due to its required experience, training, and focused pattern, the candidates think it is one of the most difficult banker certifications. If you are among these candidates then you do not have to worry because Dumpsgate has got you covered by its CRCM dumps which are designed by experts to make you fully prepare for the exam.

What are the requirements of Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager Certification (CRCM)?

Certifications test the expertise and skills of the applicants through various assessments while it is very clear that experience helps you to polish your skills in a field. That is why almost all the certifications require practical experience as a prerequisite of the certification. Similarly, CRCM asks for experience from the candidates which is as follows.

  • The candidate is required to have six years of experience in the role of compliance professional. The experience should be recent i.e. in the tenure of the past ten years. The focus of being recently experienced is further narrowed down to three years from the six years’ experience should be in the past five years.


What is the pattern followed by Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager Certification (CRCM)?

The pattern followed by the CRCM exam is as follows.

  • The exam name is the Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager exam.
  • The exam code is CRCM.
  • The total number of questions that a candidate is required to answer is 200.
  • The time allowed to complete the exam is 4 hours.
  • Questions type in the exam is Multiple Choice Questions and Multi-Response questions.
  • The exam language is English.
  • The exam fee is $750 USD.
  • The exam retake fee is $450 USD.

Is Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager Certification (CRCM) worth it?

No matter what kind of field it is, certifications always help candidates to boost the efficiency of their career. Certifications not only polish the relevant skills of the candidate but also represent these skills and expertise in the resume. The Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager certification is honored worldwide. The reason behind this is its detailed syllabus covering all the necessary knowledge and expertise of an efficient and fit Compliance Professional. The highlighted significance is also because of the vendors i.e. American Bank Association (ABA) and the Institute of Certified Bankers. Though the assessment exam of the CRCM certification is considered to be difficult but once passed, can open multiple doors of excellent opportunities for you. Knowing the importance of the CRCM certification among candidates, Dumpsgate has designed real and authentic CRCM exam dumps for you. These PDF dumps are prepared by experts, covering all the topics of the major domain of the exam. So prepare for your CRCM exam with the help of Dumpsgate brain dumps and fulfill the success goals of your career.

How much a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) holder can earn?

As compared to a normal compliance manager, a CRCM holder is considered to be more reliable and skillful as the curriculum followed by the assessment is as exclusive as possible when it comes to compliance concepts. CRCM holders get jobs easily and the average salary of the CRCM holder is $89,613. That means that applying for CRCM will prove the first step in moving towards the peak of your career.

What are the benefits of Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) Certification?

The best advantage that a candidate can get from certification is his polished skills, boosted knowledge, and a formal representation of his skills and expertise in a field. CRCM offers more than that as a reward for acquiring such an extensive and prestigious certification. The benefits that a candidate gets are as follows.

  • Career enhancement is the most popular benefit of the CRCM certification and the main reason that makes candidates work hard to acquire this certification. CRCM holder clearly marks his success and eligibility in the field as a result of the representation of skills by the American Bank Association.
  • As the CRCM certification is recognized by the American Bank Association that is why you get a free electronic subscription of ABA Bank Compliance magazine. These magazines are issued as one in two months which means you will get 6 magazines per year.
  • Another benefit that comes as a result of CRCM certification is that it highlights the options for your professional development more efficiently. That means it will highlight the program approved for CE credit for you.
  • Did you ever hear that referring your friend a good certification will bring you a reward? In the case of CRCM If you refer someone to apply for the CRCM certification and he applies following the referral then your renewal fee will be waived off for that year up to $275 USD.
  • CRCM holders will receive discounted prices for the registration of various ABA conferences. These conferences are as follows.
    1. ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference
    2. ABA Risk Management Conference
    3. ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference

What is the syllabus for Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) certification?

CRCM consists of six domains and each domain has further sub-tasks as follows.

1. Assessment and Management of Compliance Risk (28%)

Following are the required tasks in this domain.

  • Play role as compliance subject matter expert on projects and committees.
  • Evaluation of products, processes, services, and systems in order to determine compliance risk
  • Evaluation of products, processes, services, and systems in order to determine impacts and ensure policies remain compliant.
  • Provision of compliance support to internal and external parties
  • Review and provision of compliance training to relevant applicants
  • Participation in order to conduct due diligence
  • Design and maintain compliance risk assessment and mitigation program to identify and minimize the risk
  • To complete the risk assessment and provide it to relevant parties.

2. Compliance Monitoring (25%)

The tasks which come under this domain are as follows.

  • Defining the scope of the corresponding monitoring and testing activity.
  • Testing the compliance policies, controls, procedures, and transactions to fulfill the regulatory requirements
  • Review and confirmation of potential exceptions, findings, and relevant recommendations and preparing and sending final report to the relevant monitoring management.
  • Administration of the relevant complaint management program.
  • Reviewing the first line compliance monitoring results
  • Developing the action plan as per requirement.
  • Evaluation of the reliability of systems of record
  • Validation of data within the systems required for monitoring of compliance

3. Governance and Oversight (10%)

  • Establishing a compliance management policy with an aim to set expectations for the senior management or authority.
  • Maintaining a compliance management policy an aims to set expectations for the senior management or authority
  • Developing, conducting, and tracking the job-related or company’s demand-based compliance training.
  • Conducting periodic reviews of the compliance management program for the evaluation of its efficiency
  • Making the relevant reports and delivering them to high authority.

4. Regulatory Change Management (15%)

Domain three of CRCM consists of the following domain

  • Monitoring and evaluating the notifications of the applicable regulatory agencies for new compliance regulations or the required changes.
  • Assessment of new, revised, or proposed regulations and present them to the relevant parties.
  • Development of action plan as per requirement
  • Preparing and presenting the report on the status of the demanded regulatory changes.
  • Monitoring and validating the action plans for confirmed regulatory impacts in order to make sure the subjected compliance

5. Regulator and Auditor Compliance Management (11%)

This domain consists of the following sub-domains.

  • Preparing and reviewing the requested exam materials or audit materials to ensure the efficient fulfillment of tasks.
  • Participating in audit or relevant exam meetings to present the discuss the findings and answer all the relevant questions
  • Review and report all the responses to audit or concerned exam results
  • Ensuring action-developed plans and presenting them to appropriate parties.
  • Reporting the action plan status to the concerned level.
  • Coordinating and submitting in-process regulatory reports

6. Compliance Analysis, Internal or External Reporting (11%)

Domain 6 consists of the following sub-domains.

  • Analyzing and validating the analyzed data to ensure the accuracy
  • Completing the required reporting
  • Ensuring timely submission of reports to the relevant authority.
  • Managing the timely resubmission to the relevant authorities.
  • Developing, implementing, and monitoring the plan of action to avoid any kind of reporting error in future.

How to prepare for Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) Exam?

Preparing for an exam like Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager which has an extensive syllabus can be a real tough task that discourages most candidates in the process to take the exam for these certifications. Whereas when it comes to certification like CRCM, it plays a vital role in boosting the efficiency of the career. If you are facing difficulty in preparing for the CRCM exam due to its detailed syllabus and required skills then Dumpsgate is here to rescue you from your dilemma. Dumpsgate brings real and authentic CRMC  exam dumps which contain exam questions prepared by experts. These exam questions make sure to cover all the syllabus of the exam for your in-depth understanding and knowledge. These CRCM exam dumps provide you with a complete guide for the preparation of CRCM  exams in the form of compiled sources. So access Dumpsgate CRCM brain dumps today to ace your exam.

What are the advantages offered by Dumpsgate?

Following are the advantages, you will enjoy as a result of choosing Dumpsgate

  • Authentic and updated CRCM exam dumps.
  • Detailed questions related to the syllabus of exams and detailed answers.
  • CRCM exam dumps with a 100% guarantee of passing score.
  • Safe and user-friendly buying policy.
  • Free demo exam dumps are available online.
  • Free updates regarding IT exams for 3 months as a reward.
  • Technical support is offered by experts 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CRCM certification?

CRCM is the banker certification offered by the American Bank Association to polish the skills of professional bankers and to certify them for their efficient and polished skills. The certification curriculum mainly focuses on the skills relevant to compliance manager and assess the skills with the help of the exam.

2. How to get CRCM certification?

To earn the CRCM certification a candidate is required to fulfill the required criteria i.e. professional experience prerequisites, submit the complete application, pay the exam fee and pass the exam. The exam for CRCM certification covers the detailed syllabus relevant to the focused skills. These relevant concepts and skills can be prepared effectively using Dumpsgate CRCM exam dumps which contain relevant exam questions s for you.

3. What does CRCM stand for?

CRCM stands for Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager.

4. Is CRCM certification useful?

Due to the status of one of the most prestigious, honored and demanding compliance certifications, CRCM is totally worth acquiring. The status, demand and importance is also significant because of associated institutions i.e. American Bank Association (ABA) and the Institute of Certified Bankers.

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