CDPSE Certification Cost, Salary, and Worth Explained

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Data Privacy and Security Professionals, listen up! Just like the ever-changing landscape of all IT domains, the privacy governance, and security industry has its dynamic shifts. This dynamic shift demands the latest skills and knowledge in data privacy. Despite the changes, the one thing that remains unchanged is the need to obtain the certification that suits you the most. Well, the most significant certification in the privacy governance domain is Certified Data Privacy Solution Engineer. 

The certification was launched recently by ISACA and ever since it came it is considered one of the best certifications. However, one thing you eagerly want to know is whether this certification is worth the hype. It is also crucial to have a well-defined plan for completing the certification process and understanding the eligibility criteria to successfully get the CDPSE certification and launch a promising career in IT governance. 

That’s the reason I’ve come up with this blog that addresses everything you need to know about the CDPSE certification. From understanding eligibility requirements to the application process, worth, cost, and salary of this certification– we’ve got you covered.

What is the CDPSE Certification?

As defined above, the Cdpse certification is one of the top ISACA certifications launched in the IT governance field. This certification validates your technical skills and knowledge in assessing, building, and implementing comprehensive data privacy measures. The main job responsibility of the CDPSE holders is to help fill the technical privacy skills gap to ensure a highly sustainable privacy solution in an organization to mitigate risks and increase efficiency. 

In other words, CDPSE helps organizations fill the skill gap in privacy, technology, and data security which is one of the most important things in the public and private sectors. 

Eligibility Requirements 

  • The certification is designed for those experienced in the governance, architecture, and lifecycle of data privacy at a technical level.
  • Candidates must have three (3) or more years of experience in data privacy governance, privacy architecture, and/or data lifecycle work. No experience waivers or substitutions.

How to Get the CDPSE Certification?

Applying for the certification doesn’t imply that you’ll get it. For this, you need to go through a process and pass the required exam. 

  • Meet the Required Eligibility Criteria: The first step in obtaining the CDPSE certification is to fulfill the required prerequisites. Moreover, if you meet the required experience criteria, apply for this certification. The application gets rejected if you don’t meet the experience requirement. 
  • Pass the Required Exam: Without passing the CDPSE exam, you cannot get this certification. The CDPSE exam consists of 120 multiple-choice questions; you’ll be allotted 3.5 hours (120 minutes) to complete this exam. The exam is available in Chinese Simplified English Spanish German.
  • Submit the Application: After passing the required exam and fulfilling the requirements, the next step is applying. While your application is processed, the organization will check your experience requirement.

The Cost of Getting the CDPSE Certification

In order to get this certification, there is some cost that you need to pay. The cost of getting a certification also depends on the money spent on the exam material and resources you are using. Let’s review the cost of getting this certification.

CDPSE Exam Cost: The exam cost is different for members and non-members. If you’re an ISACA member, you must pay $575. The exam cost for non-members is $760. Exam registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Application Fee: To apply, you need to pay a fee that is $50. 

Other Miscellaneous Costs: Some other cost is also attached to getting this certification. The exam material and training courses you’re taking from exam preparation add up to the major cost. If you take online courses directly from the ISACA, it will cost you $795-$895.You also have to pay for some practice tests and other preparation resources. Moreover, it is also recommended to practice exam dumps for Dumpsgate which only cost $28

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The Worth of CDPSE Certification Explained

The certification is worth the hype and undoubtedly worth taking it. It is one of the newest certs in the market and ever since it launched is gaining more and more momentum and acknowledgement. If you’re counting worth in terms of how much you will earn, this thinking will not lead you to take it far away. No doubt, the salary is an important aspect but what knowledge and skills you’re getting is one of the biggest factors. In this section, we’ll cover the worth of the CDPSE certification. 

Drive You Toward a Promising Career

The certification will advance your career and help you teach various skills and how to work cross-functionality across all of the various stakeholders, teams, and departments, including legal, human resources, software engineers and developers, IT administrators, database administrators and more to plan, develop and deliver the necessary data privacy solutions. It will help you to build a promising career ensuring you have advanced skills in securing information across the multiple enterprise security systems.

Demonstrate Knowledge across a Wide Range of Skills

Besides demonstrating your skills in cross-functionality areas, this certification also validates your ability in building privacy solutions, implementing privacy by design to ensure that technologies increase end-user trust while also advancing enterprise data privacy standards, managing the data lifecycle securely, advising best privacy practices and provide techniques to give privacy-enhanced design.

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Get Opportunities in Top Notch Job Titles

If you have CDPSE certification with three years of experience in privacy governance, privacy architecture, and data life cycle, you can get top-notch job titles such as:

  • Senior Technology Risk Analyst
  • Risk Compliance Analyst Lead
  • Cyber Security Controls Assessor Auditor
  • Senior Digital Risk Manager
  • Senior Application Security Engineer
  • IT Project Managers
  • Information Security Engineers
  • Legal and Compliance Officers

Discovering the CDPSE Salary Trend in the Current Year

The CDPSE certification is one of the highest-paying certifications of the ISACA. Let’s explore the salary across different aspects. 

Salary by Top-Notch Job Titles

Job Titles Salary
Senior Technology Risk Analyst $149,700
Risk Compliance Analyst Lead $133,000
Cyber Security Controls Assessor Auditor $192,00
Senior Digital Risk Manager $158,325
Senior Application Security Engineer $213,000
IT Project Managers $113,084
Information Security Engineers $125,140
Legal and Compliance Officers $141,361

Salary by Top Location

Cities Salary
New York, NY $129,135
Washington, DC $112,014
Atlanta, GA $101,729
Chicago, IL $108,871
McLean, VA $129,532

Salaries by Skills

Skills Salary
Cyber Security $128,000 – $195,000
Information Security $98,300 - $150,000
Risk Management $126,000 - $195,000
Monitoring $70,000 - $184,000
Information Systems $122,000 - $191,000

Wrapping Up

With so many data privacy certifications available, understanding which certification is right for you might be confusing.

CDPSE certification is one of the trending certifications in this domain and by following the guidelines and insights provided in this blog post, you can navigate the cost of getting this certification, and reap the worth and salary of ISACA certification. 

Remember, staying updated on industry standards and continuously honing your skills is essential in this ever-evolving field of data security. Best of luck as you build a successful career as a data security professional!


The cost of the CDPSE exam for an ISACA member is $575 and for a non-member is $760.

Like other ISACA exams, the CDPSE exam is tough and requires extensive preparation. Even if you’re an experienced professional still you cannot pass it without inclusive preparation. If you want to achieve success in the exam, you must have an effective study plan. Moreover, Dumpsgate exam dumps made it easy for anyone to prepare for this exam. The exam dumps build a complete grip on the exam curriculum and also increase your readiness level.

The exam lasts three and a half hours and consists of 120 multiple-choice questions. The exam covers the three CDPSE work-related domains in the following proportions: Privacy governance: 34% Privacy architecture: 36%

Though ISACA certifications are one of the hardest, out of all these certifications the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is the easiest and most beneficial.

You must have a minimum of three years of cumulative work experience performing CDPSE professional tasks. Work experience for the CDPSE certification must be obtained within the ten years preceding the application date. Candidates have five years from the date of death to apply.



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