Globally Recognized Python Certifications Of 2024

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Learning Python language is one of the key steps in the career of every professional developer. You might find various short courses for Python, but certification is a much more solid validation of your skills than learning the courses. Only a few Python certifications ultimately abate the confusion about which certification is best to earn. 

In this blog, you will learn about the whole range of Python certifications offered by the Python Institute and Microsoft. You will learn about the details of the exams, course learning, difficulty level, and tips to learn Python and earn the certification real quick.

1. PCEP™ – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

2. PCAP™ – Certified Associate in Python Programming

3. PCPP1™ – Certified Professional in Python Programming 1

4. PCPP2™ – Certified Professional in Python Programming 2

5. PCAT™ – Certified Associate in Testing with Python

6. PCAD™ – Certified Associate in Data Analytics with Python

7. W3Schools Python Certificate

About the exam

  • Number of questions: 70
  • Requirement to pass: 75% 
  • Time limit: 70 minutes
  • Number of attempts to pass: Two
  • Exam deadline: None
  • Certification Expiration: None
  • Format: Online, multiple choice
  • Exam Fee: 95 USD

8. Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

9. Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate

10. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

Is Python Really Hard?

It is undoubtedly correct that Python certifications are tough. The hardness level of Python is evident from the fact that it may take months for the candidates to learn Python. Some may even take years. Coding is never so easy. Only 61% of the candidates are able to crack the Python exam and apply to learn and apply Python effectively. The interviews for job positions in Python are based on tricky Python concepts. Moreover, proficiency in Python is achieved through years of practice and testing on various projects.

Tips and tricks to learn Python Fast

Let’s learn a few great tips and tricks that would help you learn Python quickly. 

  • Coding requires intense practice and revision. Code every day and try to learn something new relevant to Python.

  • Learn the language step by step. Start with the fundamentals and then learn the advanced concepts. 

  • Learning syntax is not a wise technique for becoming a good developer. You need to learn the concept behind each code. 
  • Working and developing various projects would help you develop great coding skills. The more you experiment with different codes, the more you can learn enhanced skills.

Why is Python So Famous among the IT Aspirants?

Guaranteed job positions 

You are able to land the following jobs after gaining Python certifications based on your experience and learned skills. 

  • Python developer – $102,736
  • Full-stack developer – $119,357
  • Data engineer – $91,648
  • Data scientist – $123,820
  • Machine learning engineer – $116,004
  • Data analyst – $70,132
  • Backend developer – $96,993
  • Quality assurance engineer – $107,270
  • Operations automation engineer – $88,526

Earn raised salaries 

The salaries of Python professionals depend on their expertise and experience. However, the average salaries of Python experts are much higher than usual. The average salary ranges from $65,000 to $130,000.

Required in every IT Team 

Every IT team requires developers and Python experts are most demanding.  Python professionals have a great capacity to integrate and run complex projects. Every IT team is required to have Python professionals for efficient development.

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A step-by-step guide to Earn Python Certifications

By committing time and resources to prepare for the examination, you may improve your chances of getting the qualification. Consider the following steps to get these certifications:

1. Learn the Python skills 

You can learn Python by referring to books or online resources. There are many websites and online videos that teach this programming language. Self-learning may enable you to learn Python at a speed that’s suitable for you. This may improve learning outcomes.

2. Pursue online courses

Many online courses and tutorials explain Python concepts. While some require you to pay a fee, many are available for free. Studying online courses may be suitable if you prefer more structure and organization when learning.

3. Attend Python coding boot camps

Coding boot camps are short, intensive training courses that teach students practical technology skills to meet current job demands. Instructors show students how to write code and apply it to workplace projects. Many of these boot camps are online virtual events.

4. Attempt practice questions from mock tests

Taking certification practice tests may help you become familiar with the type of questions you can expect in an examination. You can access these mock tests online for a fee or search for free ones. Attempting these practice questions may strengthen your examination preparation.

5. Register for the certification examination

You can register for examinations on the official website. It’s important to ensure that your computer meets the technical requirements for taking the examination. You can create a test candidate account and purchase an examination voucher that provides a code. After logging into your account, you enter the voucher code and launch the examination session.


Deciding which certification is right for you is a personal decision based on your career plans, time frames, and previous Python experience. Once you have the necessary certifications, though, you might be interested in landing work as a Python developer. 90% of the candidates prefer to take the certifications provided by the Python institute. The reason lies in the fact that they offer a step-by-step learning of the concepts through entry, associate, and professional certifications.


PCPP2 certification is considered to be the best certification of 2024.

Python developer certification exams should be sufficiently challenging to ensure you have the required knowledge to take the certification. To help you pass, research the exam content, take practice tests, study online resources and Python books, and practice Python past paper questions.

If you acquire this skill, you will have more Python career opportunities than you can imagine. Python opens for you several avenues that no other programming language can. You can become a software developer who excels in Python or a data scientist who uses this language to make data more valuable for businesses.



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