Best IT Certification for Beginners in 2024

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Starting an IT career can be a tough job unless you prove that you are a skilful person with the right amount of motivation and spirit.

It is a fact that background education proves the nature and extent of your skills but a proper IT certificate shows that the candidate has absorbed the education to polish the practical implications perfectly. Hence, it does not only prove your abilities but also gives you an idea that at what level you stand concerning your expertise in IT. So now get a popular IT certification to enhance the chances of your employability.

In this article, you will ride through the best IT certifications for the beginners that can help you in the true presentation of your skills in your resume. So buckle yourself up to go through the best available options.

1.     Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a certificate designed for beginners by the PMI (Project Management Institute). As obvious from the name, it assesses and recognizes the candidate’s understanding of the processes, important required skills and terminologies which are used in the efficient project management process.

The requirements of this certificate are:

  • Minimum of 23 hours project management diploma, course or training
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree

The assessment test follows a proper pattern which includes 150 questions. These questions address the field of basics and skills required for successful IT project management. The duration of this test is 3 hours and the fee is $225 for members of PMI and $300 for non-members. For continuation, the renewal is required after every three years.

2.     Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificate is not designed to judge the abilities of a person who can simply hack. Rather it is launched to know that whether the candidate has the necessary skills to know the deficiencies and vulnerabilities in the computer system. This skill is valuable in a lot of IT industries to seek out the relevant problem.

Furthermore, the concerned training and CEH shows that you have an approach to think like hackers and can identify and respond to the corresponding weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the system.

The eligibility criteria for this test is:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Attend the training program of EC-Council

If you are going for the renewal of the certificate then you do not have to attend the training program of EC-Council again. The pattern of the test includes 125 MCQs to be completed in 4 hours. The exam fee for this certificate is $100.

3.     Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Cisco Certified Network Associate is a networking certificate or associate level and is an alternative to CCNA Routing and Switching Certificate. As the name shows the essence of the certificate, is about the person’s understanding of the proper functioning of a network. The exam assesses your understanding of switches, software and routers.

The requirements to apply for these certifications are:

  • Experience of one or more years in implementing and managing the Cisco solutions.
  • Basic knowledge about the IP addresses
  • Good grasp of the network’s fundamentals

You can get training from the online course and then prove your expertise, skills and knowledge about network access, network fundamentals, IP address, IP connectivity, IP services, security, programming and automation. There are e different levels of certificates and hence exams. The fee for each test varies and ranges from$325 to $600. The certificate required renewal after a time of every three years. You can get extra credentials for an additional test and hence have the authority to choose credentials according to the level of skills.

4.     Cisco Certified Technician (CCT)

The Cisco Certified Technician certification guarantees that the acquirer has skills to identify, treat, repair, restore and replace the faulted Cisco system and networking devices. The CCT certificate is available for various technology fields i.e. collaboration, Cisco data center, switching and routing.

This certificate has the advantage over others in that it has no eligibility criteria. Anyone with appropriate skills and knowledge can pass the test and obtain the certificate to represent the expertise in his resume. You are required to pass the data center classification before taking the test for credentials.

The test for this certificate consists of 60 to 70 questions which require answers in 90 minutes. The exam fee for CCT is $125. Like the certificate mentioned above, this certificate also requires renewal after three years of issuance. The exam depends upon the credentials you go for.

5.     CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+)

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+) is perfect for any beginner who is trying hard to begin his career as an IT specialist. So if you want to pave your path to a perfect IT career then this certificate is the best choice for you. The test for this certification assesses your understanding and knowledge of the basics of IT. It is zero prerequisites that make it advantageous over other certificates and set it as a perfect starting point.  

The test for the ITF+ certificate includes 70MCQs. The candidate is given an exam time of 60 minutes to answer these 70 questions. The syllabus for the test includes the basics of the database, software development, applications, terminologies used in IT, and networks. The exam fee for the certificate is $126.

6.     CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification is basic It certification. The test of this certification tests your abilities to troubleshoot and identify the problems, find the solution to the concerned problems with security, networking and operation systems. The certificate works best to prove your abilities for the job of helpdesk operator or service center representative.

The test for the CompTIA A+ certification has no requirement but usually, the experience of 9 months of the concerned role is recommended.  The test assesses your nine basic IT skills in two exams. Each exam consists of ninety questions and the time allowed to complete these questions is 90 minutes. The fee for the processing of this assessment is $232. Certification has sustaining period of three years and needs renewal after every three years.

7.     CompTIA Security+

The secure connection, network and development is an integral feature of almost every firm. If you are applying for such a firm then this certificate will help to prove your appropriateness for the job. It tells that you have good knowledge and grasp of the configuration system. The certificate helps to prove that you are fit for the role which is responsible for ensuring the security of applications, devices, and networks.

In addition to this role, it also makes you eligible for the roles like security specialist, security engineer and security consultant. The syllabus for the exam of this certificate is PKI (public key infrastructure), access and identity management, cryptography, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the system. The test consists of 90 questions that are required to be completed in the given time period i.e. 90 minutes. The fee for the test of CompTIA Security+ is $370. Like every other certificate, this certificate requires renewal after three years.

8.     Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) proves the skill level of the beginners and entry-level candidates. The test for this certificate tests your understanding of IT basics and terminologies, programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5 and CSS, security, networking, database and Windows.

If you have just stepped into the world of IT then this certificate will prove your entry-level skills on your resume. Moreover, the exam for this certificate helps you to decide the direction in the IT field for pursuance. The fee for the exam of certificate varies from place to place. So now assure your eligibility for the role of a software developer by passing the test of software fundamentals.

9.     ITIL 4 Foundation

The ITIL4 Foundation certificate is designed to assess your skills in efficient team management and effective organizational processes. It proves your skills and expertise in the field of IT services, creation and delivery of IT-related products. The exam syllabus consists of key concepts of IT and the principles of ITIL4.

The exam fee differs with respect to the vendor you choose for the process. The pattern of the exam includes 40 MCQs that are required to be done in 60 minutes. To pass the exam, the answer to 26 questions should be correct. Is not it the amazing time span and passing criteria? So now guarantee your skills by acquiring ITIL 4 Foundation certificate by passing this easy test.

Concluding Words

Ensuring the credibility of the skills in the field of IT has become a lot easier because of different IT certificates. These IT certificates depending upon their scope asses a beginner’s level of expertise and capabilities. These certificates prove your suitability for the job you are applying for.

So now apply for the certificate that fits your area of expertise and pave the path towards your career goals.



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