Is CCNA A Good Career: Discuss Benefits and Perks of Cisco CCNA Certification

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Cisco is a leading manufacturer of networking hardware, software and telecommunication technology. Cisco has come up with its one of the most enticing certifications named as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). This credential is a test of your understanding of networking principles. You are assessed on your ability to design, launch and maintain a networking setup. This is an entry-level certification that can prove to be a great benefit for your professional career. 

In this course, you will master technical knowledge and practical implementation of how to work with TCP/IP frameworks, trunking, switches, tracert, ARP, ping, routers, LAN/WAN, VLANS, and to set up IP addresses, and other essentials. 

Which domains are covered in Cisco CCNA 200-301 Certification?

Following is a list of domains that are covered in Cisco CCNA certification:

  • Network Fundamentals
  • Security Fundamentals 
  • IP Connectivity 
  • IP Services 
  • Security Fundamentals 
  • Automation and Programmability 
Prepare for your test by following these exam topics

What job can you land on after gaining Cisco CCNA Certification?

You can easily land your dream job if you have earned this certification and has some basic training related to it. Following are some great jobs that you can get through Cisco CCNA 200-301 certification.

1. Network administrator

Network administrators are responsible for setting up and configuring computer networks. They have to ensure that there is no networking problem in computer systems, assemble and arrange new systems in a network, maintain the cost of networking equipment, provide proper solutions that match the needs of systems, and update all the devices and software linked to a network. The average salary of a network administrator is $70,000 per annum.  

2. Network security Expert

As the name suggests, network security experts are responsible to protect the network from being used by any unaccredited user. This is done to protect the network from any security cautions. Adding a safe and authorized user to a network is also the responsibility of network security experts. They have to identify any security threat in the network and provide a solution to it. Security experts also have to carry out timely surveys to check the security of the network and to remove any security hazards. In order to maintain security, they also have to install and update security software. The average salary of a network security expert is $90,000 per annum. 

3. System engineers

System engineers have the duty to supervise the devices, systems and infrastructure which is being used in their network. Along with this, he has to ensure a secure and safe backup of the network. They are employed to maintain high-quality and stable infrastructure. They have to test the performance of a network, identify any problem with the network and create the best solutions for high-level network performance. In order to achieve this, they need to make use of networking tools and applications average salary of a system engineer is $110,000 per annum.

4. VoIP engineer

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) engineers are responsible to link together company’s phone system with its network, identify any problem with the network, track the right of the users of a network, and making use of software that ensures the proper functioning and security of a company’s network. They are also responsible to install in-house devices, accessories and phone systems in connection to the web. The average salary of a VoIP engineer is $90,000 per annum. 

5. Information Technology (IT) manager

IT managers have the duty to plan, test, and organize the technology that is related to the infrastructure of a system network. The systems that they create should be in complement the requirements of an organization. An IT manager must have understanding and hands-on experience related to network systems, phone systems, computer systems, and database and network management systems. The average salary of an experienced IT manager is $135,000 per annum.

CCNA study material for the preparation

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Who is recommended to take Cisco CCNA 200-301 Certification?

Cisco CCNA Certification does not require any previous certification or a great experience. This means that anyone can apply for this certification. However, it is recommended that you should a basic understanding of networking so that you can easily understand and qualify in the domains of this certification. Similarly, if you have some experience related to IT and networking, then you must opt to attempt this assessment. This certification will enhance your resume at every phase of your career. 

What are the advantages of Cisco CCNA Certification?

As discussed above, there are many great jobs that you can land with the help of this Certification. In this section, we will discuss the benefits and advantages of  Cisco CCNA certification. Following are the advantages of this certification:

I. Professional advancement

If you are an established applicant, earning your CCNA certification will improve your prospects of advancement. Additionally, the networking sector offers a variety of professional development possibilities, whether you’re a beginner or looking to shift industries. Stakeholders and various companies are looking for qualified network engineers to oversee network operations due to the rapid development of technology.

II. Handsome salary package

This may be your chance to succeed if you are seeking a company with a higher position and anticipate receiving any perks shortly. Additionally important for CCNA 200-301 certification is the appropriate time. You will receive a better position, a better income, and other benefits if you choose it right away. CCNA looks fantastic on your resume. Employers won’t pass by such crucial details. Obtain certification and get ready for the industry’s greater employment chances.

III. Impressive recognition

In the IT sector, Cisco is well-known. It is not only well-known throughout the world for its extensive platform but also for the distinctive characteristics that make conducting business in IT relevant. Candidates will give preference to those who have received training and certification in using the platform and its capabilities.

Once certified, you can use it to demonstrate on your resume your technical proficiency in using complicated network models. Your chances of success are also increased if you apply for a position in Cisco’s networking industry. Because the industry is always changing, the accreditation is only good for three years. This calls on you to seize every chance that arises during this time and to maximize them.

IV. Stay ahead of the competition

Obtaining a Cisco certification will help you stand out to coworkers and teammates. It would help you to obtain admiration, recognition and respect. This significance places you in a leadership position and offers fresh ways to advance in the IT sector.

V. Acknowledged certification

The Cisco certification is recognized in all nations. Professionals in networking who have received CCNA certification are better suited for charging more for their services than those who have not. The IT division may now offer CCNA-certified workers a wide range of positions. The requirement for landing a job is the CCNA certification.

VI. A leading path

Before finishing the complete Cisco curriculum, you must pass the CCNA test in order to qualify for several additional Cisco certifications. If you have a current CCNA certification, you can enroll in other Cisco training programs too.

Benefits and Perks of cisco certifications 

In a Nutshell

CCNA 200-301 has become a part of many IT courses. This course helps you to develop the ability to plan and integrate networking solutions and to ensure their security. This is a highly recognized certification. Obtaining this certification can lead to the high-end success of your career. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cisco CCNA is actually not an easy exam. It has a lot of courses and each domain is dealt with in detail. It means that you need to study very hard to pass the exam. 

If you fail to pass an exam, you can take a retake. But before you apply for a retake, you have to wait for five days. 

If you fail the Cisco CCNA exam, you can apply for a retake four times in a year. 

Yes, Cisco CCNA is a certification for beginners who want to pursue their career in the field of IT, networking and security. 

No, CCNA 200-301 retake is not free. You have to pay the fee again in order to take the retake.

No. Cisco CCNA is not an open-book test. In fact, you are strictly invigilated during your test.

No, Cisco CCNA does not include any coding.

You may land on an entry-level job after passing this certification. In order to get a senior job position, you must have hands-on experience in your field together with this certification. 



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