All You Need To Know About Azure Database Administrator Associate Certification

Azure Batabase Certification

Azure Database Administrator Associate certification is specially designed by Microsoft for candidates who need to employ Microsoft Azure Data Services and Microsoft SQL Server to manage and implement solutions for the database. Azure database administrator makes use of tools and methods to carry out proper functioning of data management through T-SQL.

 In 2024, Azure Database Administrator Associate certification has become very popular among IT professionals due to its emerging importance. This popular certification is a great validation of your database skills and helps to groom your skills. In this blog, you will learn a complete overview of Azure Database Administrator certification. 

Which Exam Is Required To Gain Azure Database Administrator Associate Certification?

D3-300 exam is required to gain Azure Data Administrator Certification. Passing the Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions exam with code DP-300 would let you earn the title of Azure Database Administrator Associate

Is There Any Expiry For The DP-300 Exam?

In terms of expiry, the DP-300 exam does not expire. You need to renew your exam. Six months before the expiry of the exam you need to apply for an exam renewal assessment. There are no charges for exam renewal. You have to renew your DP-300 exam every year.

What Is The Passing Score Of The DP-300 Exam?

The passing score of the DP-300 exam is 700. It means that out of 1000 marks, you should be able to gain 700 marks. If you are not able to score at least 700 marks, it would lead to failure of the exam. However, you can apply to retake the exam. This implies that you need to study very efficiently to pass the exam

What Is The Cost Of The DP-300 Exam?

The cost of the DP-300 exam is $165. The cost of the exam varies with the country or region in which your exam is being conducted. However, there are no extra charges. You just have to pay the exam fee. 

What Are The Requirements Of The DP-300 Exam?

There are no requirements for the Azure Database Administrator Associate DP-300 exam. However, it is important that you must know the skills which are learned in the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 exam. Below are the skills which you must be familiar with in order to take the DP-300 exam:

  • Describe core data concepts 
  • Identify considerations for relational data on Azure 
  • Describe considerations for working with non-relational data on Azure 
  • Describe an analytics workload on Azure 

What Skills Are Measured In The DP-300 Exam?

Skills measured for the DP-300 exam are:

  • Plan and implement data platform resources
  • Implement a secure environment
  • Monitor, configure, and optimize database resources
  • Configure and manage automation of tasks
  • Plan and configure a high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) environment

Course Outline of DP-300 Exam

Domain Weightage
Plan and implement data platform resources 10-25%
Implement a secure environment 15-20%
Monitor, configure, and optimize database resources 20-25%
Configure and manage automation of tasks 15-20%
Plan and configure a high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) environment 20-25%

Plan and implement data platform resources 

Implement a secure environment

  • Configure database authentication and authorization
  • Implement security for data at rest and data in transit
  • Implement compliance controls for sensitive data

Monitor, configure, and optimize database resources

  • Monitor resource activity and performance
  • Monitor and optimize query performance
  • Configure database solutions for optimal performance

Configure and manage automation of tasks

Plan and configure a high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) environment

  • Recommend an HA/DR strategy for database solutions
  • Plan and perform backup and restore of a database
  • Configure HA/DR for database solutions

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What Are The Responsibilities Of A Microsoft Azure Database Administrator?

The major roles and responsibilities of Microsoft Azure Database Administrator are:

  • To manage, maintain and monitor the company’s database 
  • To make modifications, updates and requested changes to database structure and data
  • To make sure that the database is secure, secure and make sure the availability of the system
  • To maintain recovery infrastructure Maintaining database backup and recovery infrastructure

What Job Roles Are Given To Microsoft Azure Database Certified?

Following is a list of roles given to Microsoft Database Administrator certified:

  • Data Warehouse Dba Data Administrator 
  • Senior Database Administrator
  • SQL Database Administrator
  • Oracle Database Administrator 

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What Salary Is Offered To Azure Database Administrator Associate Certified?

According to online resources, the average salary range of an Azure Database Administrator is from $30,500 to $179,000. The average salary of an Azure administrator is $103,979 per year

Where Are Database Administrators Required?

Database administrators are required in the following sectors:

  • Management firms
  • Banks 
  • Software houses 
  • Educational institutions
  • Insurance companies 
  • Hospitals
  • Charities
  • Legal authorities

Is the DP-300 Worth It?

DP-300 is a special examination that is required to test the skills required in database environments. Administering the Microsoft Azure SQL exam validates your skills in the usage and familiarity with the tools and resources required by a Microsoft administrator. 

Learn skills step-by-step

One of the greatest features is that DP-300 is a step-by-step certification. It means that you learn the basic skills and then head toward the advanced certifications. This helps you to learn the skills in an organized way. DP-300 requires an understanding of the fundamental concepts of databases.

Admired by employers

Using the DP-300 to learn skills doesn’t just lead to earning the certificate but will make you a better administrator. That’s one of the many reasons employers would like to see such a certification on a resume

Become a skilled administrator

DP-300 is an exam that makes you learn the advanced skills required for a database administrator. Thus DP-300 is not just a certification that would be brilliant on your resume but it actually makes you learn advanced skills which would help you in your working of database administration

Gain recognition

Microsoft is one of the leading platforms which is recognized by all employers in the IT industry. Thus Microsoft Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions exam is an excellent recognition for you if you want to excel in the field of the database. 

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How Do I Pass Azure DP-300?

  1. The first step is to understand who the target audience of the DP-300 exam is. If you want to develop your career in the database and you have a basic understanding of database concepts then you must definitely opt for this exam. 
  1. Open the syllabus for the DP-300 exam. Identify the topics which you already have an idea about and the rest which are completely new to you. 
  1. Enroll in a training course. You can either choose to enroll in an online session and get the lectures. The second way is to enroll in a trainer-led course. In a trainer-led course, you will be assisted by an expert in your preparation. 
  1. Next important step is to practice the concepts which you have learned. For this purpose, you chose authentic dumps which contain the most updated exam questions. 
  1. Once you are fully prepared for the DP-300 exam, it’s time to register for the Microsoft DP-300 exam. This exam will earn you the Azure Database Administrator Associate certification. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

DP-300 exam is for those candidates who want to build their skills in database solutions. It validates your expertise to use the Azure SQL database to handle multiple workloads. 

DP-300 is a specialized certification for data analysts, database administrators and data management analysts. As it is a specialized-level certification, it has multiple core concepts which need to be grasped. DP-300 has been ranked as a difficult exam by the majority of applicants.

Yes, the DP-300 exam contains labs. There are seven labs that you need to pass for this exam. 

You are given 120 minutes to complete the DP-300 exam. During this time, you have to solve 40-60 questions. The questions are multiple-choice or scenario-based. You may also be asked to solve drag-and-drop questions. 

The candidate will have a maximum of 5 chances to retake the exam in a year.

If you fail to pass the exam in the first attempt, you have to wait for 24 hours to apply for the exam retake. In case you fail to pass the second attempt, you have to wait for a period of 14 days to retake the DP-300 exam. You have a limit of 5 attempts to retake the exam in one year. 

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