Azure Data Engineering Certification DP-203 Roadmap

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We are living in the digital era of the 21st century where technology is controlling all the parameters of life. A huge amount of data is being developed and processed around the globe and this data is the foundation to run organizations. However, it is very important to ensure that this data is secured safely and is not exploited at any level of the organization. Moreover, this data must be processed and utilized in the most effective manner. This is where an Azure Data Engineer is employed by all the great organizations.

A data engineer is an important member of an organization who is responsible to manage, assemble, optimize, and incharge the flow and storage of data at all levels of an organization. Let us learn the worth and importance, and pathway to becoming an Azure Data Engineer

Course Overview of the Microsoft Data Engineer Exam

Job role: Data Engineer

Required exams: DP-203

Retirement date: none

Cost: 165 USD

Passing score: 700

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Indonesian (Indonesia)

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What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Microsoft Azure Data Engineer?

It is important to note that Azure Data Engineering certification is not an entry-level certification. You must have certain skills in order to master the core concepts of this certification. 

  • Build and maintain compliant and secure pipelines for data processing by using various techniques and tools. 
  • Use various data languages, like Python and Java, and tools to store and produce datasets that are clean and enhanced for analysis purposes. 
  • Knowledge of SQL Database design. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Azure Data Engineer?

There are many roles and responsibilities of an Azure Data Engineer. Following is a list of major responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain unique Azure designs 
  • Design the architecture of the flow of data and arrange it according to the needs of the business.
  • Deploy a data warehouse to store the analytical data. This makes it fast and easy to fetch data for analysis.
  • Data engineer has an important role in extracting, transforming and loading data. They have to extract data from multiple sources, transform it into a form in which it is easy to mine and process data, and then store the data in the company’s storage. 
  • Ensure that the data is safe and secure at the stage of the data being processed. There should be no risk of data being leaked or exploited. 
  • Create analytical tools that make use of the data pipeline to produce useful insights for customer acquisition.

What Is The Course Outline Of DP-203 Exam?

Domain Weightage
Design and implement data storage 40–45%
Design and develop data processing 25-30%
Design and implement data security 10-15%
Monitor and optimize data storage and data processing 10-15%

1.  Design and implement data storage

  •  Design a data storage structure
  • Design a partition strategy
  • Design the serving layer
  • Implement physical data storage structures
  • Implement logical data structures
  • Implement the serving layer

 2.  Design and develop data processing 

  • Ingest and transform data
  • Design and develop a batch-processing solution
  • Design and develop a stream-processing solution
  • Manage batches and pipelines

 3.  Design and implement data security 

  • Design security for data policies and standards
  • Implement data security

 4.  Monitor and optimize data storage and data processing 

  • Monitor data storage and data processing
  • Optimize and troubleshoot data storage and data processing

What are the Advantages of Microsoft Azure Data Engineering Certification?

Azure Data Engineer Certificate (DP-203) from Microsoft has many great perks and advantages as discussed below:

  • Gain More Recognition: Azure Data Engineering certification from Microsoft is trusted by all employers in the IT industry. A Microsoft-certified applicant gets more recognition. 
  • Handsome Salary Offer: Microsoft-certified professionals receive a very handsome salary package as compared to other non-certified applicants. 
  • Opens More Opportunities: Microsoft Azure certification is a door that opens to a greater number of opportunities. You can have opportunities to work in good companies at the corporate level because of earning Microsoft certification.
  • Highlight Your Portfolio: Microsoft Azure Data Engineering certification is a perfect addition to your resume if you want to pursue the field of data engineering. 

What Is The Salary Prospect Of Microsoft Azure Data Engineer?

According to online research, the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer can earn an average salary of $101,822 per year. This means that an Azure Data engineer has a very high salary offer as compared to other data engineering certifications.

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What Is The Pathway To Become An Azure Data Engineer?

To become a data engineer, there is a certain pathway. It is an associate-level certification for which you need to have certain skills. Below is the pathway to becoming an Azure Data Engineer

1. Develop the required skills

As discussed above, there are certain skills required for Azure Data Engineering. You need to learn coding, data storage, ELT, machine learning and database.

2. Get Azure DP-203 certification

After getting the required skills, you need to enroll for the Azure Data Engineering certificate. Prepare for the Azure Data Engineering exam and practice exam questions from dumps. Then, schedule your exam and take the DP-203 exam.

3. Build your portfolio

A portfolio is a great way to express your skills and competencies relevant to Microsoft Azure Engineering certification. You need to add all the Azure engineering projects that you have worked on.

4. Apply for the position of Azure Engineer

Once your portfolio is ready, you have to apply for the position of Azure engineer. Initially, you would get an entry-level position. But with time and experience, you would be promoted to an associate-level position.

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What Is The Exam Renewal Policy For DP-203?

Once you get DP-203 certification, it is important to maintain it. The certification retains for a period of 1 year. You need to renew your certification each year. Six months before the expiry of your certification, you can take an exam renewal assessment. The renewal assessment is free of cost. 


The Azure Data Engineering certificate seems to be a challenging task but this certificate can take you to the height of success and help you gain your dream job. DP-203 is the core exam that can help you gain the title of Microsoft Azure Engineer. Preparing for this certification through credible sources and covering all the domains in detail can help you to achieve this certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Microsoft Azure is good for data engineering. Microsoft has a very vast data engineering course in which all the domains are required to build and deploy an app using Azure tools.

Azure Data Engineer certification is indeed not an easy certificate. This is one of the most challenging Azure certifications. Data storage, data modeling, data processing, data integration, and data analysis are all the various data engineering concepts that you need to learn for DP-203 certification.

Yes, Python is required for Azure Data Engineer. It must be noted that most of the tools used for storing and processing data make use of programming languages. Thus, it is right to say that you must have intensive knowledge of languages such as Java, Python, or Scala for getting data engineer certification.

A data engineer is one of the highly paid azure jobs that many candidates wish to get after gaining their Azure data engineer certificate. On the other hand, it is also one of the most stressful job positions as pointed out by many experts in the industry.

 It takes 4 months for the candidates to acquire the skills required to design data models, create data pipelines, and monitor huge datasets on the Azure platform.

 This course is part of a Specialization intended for data engineers and developers who want to demonstrate their expertise in designing and implementing data solutions that use Microsoft Azure data services anyone interested in preparing for the Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (beta).S

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