AWS CLF-C02 Vs CLF-C01: Digging Deep into the Major Differences 

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If you’re considering appearing in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam you must be aware that the CLF-C01 version has phased out and a new version CLF-C02 comes in. The latest update comes with significant changes and you or anyone else needs to get acquainted with it before starting preparation for the exam. For this purpose, we have come up with this article that covers everything that has changed and hasn’t changed in the newly released AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. 

The New Version of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam: CLF-C02

The much anticipated AWS CLF-C01 exam has finally modified CLF-C02 after a whopping period of six years. The current version was introduced on September 19, 2023. AWS has been considered best when it comes to updating exams based on the latest technological advancement and implementing the latest AWS practices and now is high time to update the most acquired AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. Starting with the certification introduction, we will dig deep into the major differences between the two versions: CLF-C02 vs CLF-C01.


The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner demonstrates your fundamental, high-level understanding of the AWS Cloud, services, terminologies, and AWS infrastructure. The certification is considered a good starting point for establishing a career in the cloud for individuals with no prior IT or cloud experience or for line-if business employees looking for fundamental cloud knowledge. 

The AWS CLF-C02 exam validates a candidate’s ability to complete the following tasks: 

  • Explain the value of the AWS Cloud. 
  • Recognize and explain the AWS shared responsibility model. 
  • Understand security best practices. 
  • Understand AWS Cloud costs, economics, and billing practices. 
  • Explain and position the core AWS services, including compute, network, database, and storage services. 
  • Classify AWS services for common use cases

Intended Audience

The exam is intended for the following individuals: 

  • 6 months of exposure to AWS Cloud design, implementation, and operations
  • Non-IT background or just starting their career in cloud computing.
  • Last, the candidate should be in the early stages of pursuing an AWS Cloud career or have job roles such as working with people in AWS Cloud roles.

Prerequisites for Appearing in the Exam

As the exam is well-suited for entry-level professionals, there are no such prerequisites. However, the target audience should have AWS knowledge in the following areas:

  • AWS Cloud concepts 
  • Security and compliance in the AWS Cloud 
  • Core AWS services 
  • Economics of the AWS Cloud

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Significant Differences b/w CLF-C01 Vs CLF-C02

Although the difference between the two versions CLF-C01 and CLF-C02 is less but is significant and cannot be overlooked.

1. Domain Weightage

The changes that have been made are intended to provide more comprehensive and up-to-date AWS knowledge. Before we discuss the notable changes in exam domains and % weightage, let’s compare the previous and latest AWS cloud practitioner syllabus.

Cloud Concepts – 26% Cloud Concepts – 24%
Security and Compliance – 25% Security and Compliance – 30%
Technology – 33% Cloud Technology and Services – 34%
Billing and Pricing – 16% Billing and Pricing – 16%

The number of domains in the previous and current versions remains the same, but the number of questions (%weightage in the exam) in each domain varies. The table clearly indicates where the difference has been made. The Security and Compliance domain now constitutes 30% of the exam, which previously consisted of 25% of the exam. The Cloud concept undergoes a reduction of 2%. Cloud Technology shows a 1% increase and the fourth domain billing and pricing drop to 12% which previously reflected 16% of the total exam.

2. Change in “Out of Scope”

The previous version CLF-C01 considered Migration and Business Applications out of the scope. The new version doesn’t consider them out of the scope which means these are included in the CLF-C02 version.  Coding, Cloud architectural design, and troubleshooting are now considered out of scope for the exam.

3. Addition and Deletion of Concepts

Some concepts have been added and changed in the latest version whilst no previous concept has been deleted. To check the change in the tasks statement and re-categorization, go to the AWS CLF-C02 official study guide.

3. Focus on Cloud Design Principles

The cloud design principles were covered in CLF-C01 but not that deeply. The CLF-C02 exam guide or exam blueprint indicates a strong emphasis on understanding these principles within the context of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. It also suggests that applicants should be prepared for the questions that demonstrate a high level of experience with cloud design principles as per the latest AWS best practices. 

4. Increase Difficulty

The changes have made the exam more difficult than the previous version. The exam test and asses your knowledge and ability in various advanced areas such as Amazon EC2 instances, AWS Lambda, SDKs, AWS well-architected framework, and several AWS latest practices. So, the exam needs you to be more proficient and well-versed in the concepts if you want to accomplish it.

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Things That Have Remain Unchanged in the CLF-C02 Exam

1. Exam Format

Yes, the exam format of the CLF-C02 exam remains the same as the previous one. There isn’t any distinctive change. The CLF-C02 exam consists of 65 questions which include both multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. Out of 65, 50 questions are scored and the remaining 15 are unscored. However, the exam mustn’t give the distinction between score and unscored questions. It is better to mark every question as there is not enough for guessing. Moreover, the time allowed to complete the exam is 90 minutes.

2. Exam Cost

The exam cost for CLF-C02 is the same as the CLF-C01. The exam cost is $100. Other miscellaneous costs may add up and change the total cost individually such as study resources cost and training cost but the exam cost is unchanged. Additionally, the cost varies according to the location where the exam is proctored so check the price accordingly.1

3. Passing Score

Similar to the previous CLF-C01, the CLF-C02 exam is scored on a scale range of 100 to 1000, with a minimum passing score of 700.

4. Recertification

Once you have passed the exam, your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is valid for three years from the date you have passed the exam. Those who have taken the CLF-C01 exam before retirement, do not need to take the latest CLF-C02 version exam unless the certification badge has expired.

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Final Words

AWS regularly and persistently updates its exam to ensure that the candidate accurately gets the latest understanding of AWS practices and implementation of services it offers. After a much-predicted overhaul, the pilot version of the AWS Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) has been successfully modified into the latest version (CLF-C02).  The current version consists of many momentous changes in exam domains, percentage weightage, expanded scope, and services whilst the passing score, exam format, and cost remain the same as of the previous version.

Frequently Asked Questions

The major difference occurred in the exam domains and their percentage weightage in the actual exam. In the above blog, we have discussed thoroughly the differences and similarities between the CLF-C01 and CLF-C02 exams. Read out now and get acquainted with your all concerns.

The passing score for the CLF-C02 exam is the same as for the previous version. The exam required a minimum of 700 marks on a scale range of 100-1000.

The exam tests your thorough knowledge of the AWS cloud and best practices. The below preparation tips will help you to prepare for the exam and understand exam objectives comprehensively: 

  • Explore the Exam Guide: The exam guide consists of every little piece of information that is important and you should know before starting preparation. Go through and explore the AWS CLF-C02 thoroughly 
  • Check the AWS Official Resources: Gather AWS official resources such as AWS white papers, AWS documentation, and other resources from the official website. Deep dive into them and learn basic knowledge of cloud computing. 
  • Take Online Courses: If you feel like you should take any online course, enroll yourself in instructor-led training or other online training. You can also get help from YouTube videos, hands-on labs, and practice tests. 
  • Get Hands-on Experience: While having practical experience isn’t required for the exam, we strongly recommend having some. The hands-on experience will assist you in better understanding and thinking out of the box.
  • Practice with Dumpsgate AWS Exam Dumps: Last but not least, don’t forget to practice. The more you practice, the more significant your chances of passing the exam. Dumosgate AWS CLF-C02 exam dumps are the best way to practice concepts, assess your knowledge gap, and prepare according to the actual exam. 


The exam consists of 65 questions that are mainly multiple-choice and multiple-select. In multiple-choice questions, you have to mark one option out of 4. While in multiple-select you have to select more than one option out of 5 or more responses.

Well, definitely, you will get a job with AWS cloud practitioner certification if it requires AWS skills and practices. AWS cloud practitioner is the most acquired certification and it is considered one of the best for initial-level cloud careers. It develops fundamental skills that align with the latest AWS cloud advancement and practices, enabling you to get skill sets essential for landing a lucrative job.



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