Best Way to Ace AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam In First Attempt

If you are going to take your AWS certified solution Architect Associate (SAA-C02 or SAA-C03) certification exam and looking for a practice test or want to assess your preparation then you are at the right place.

In this article i am going to share best practice test for AWS certified solution architect associate in which more than 600+ practice exam questions are available, which will really help you in your certification exam. All exam questions are verified by IT experts from Udemy, Whizlabs, and other IT portals.

SAA-C03 Practice Exam questions
AWS Certified Solution Architect

These AWS certified solution architect Associate practice tests are created by well-known AWS Expert Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate and Ryan Kroonenburg who is founder of Cloud Guru and AWS community hero. Exam Simulator or practice test helps more in certification exam preparation.

No matter, how much you have studied for the certification exam, regardless you do a lot of practice test. Because exam simulator helps more in a way of pressure handling and time constraint. Practice exams provide you a scenario like a real exam if you will go through the exam simulator 3 to 5 times before appearing in the SAA-C03 Exam your preparation level will be improved and increase 80% chances of passing the certification exam. After practicing the exam again and again you will also find your strong and week points, so you can improve your skill according to exam requirements.

To Take your AWS certified solution architect associate preparation to the next level, Today I am going to share with you the Best AWS practice test or simulator. These Mockup tests provide confidence to the candidate and help in self-evaluation for the real exam.

Latest and Valid AWS Solution Architect Certification Exam Dumps, Practice Test, and Exam Simulator – 2023

Without wasting any time of you, Guys! here is the list of Best resources that helps you in your AWS solution Architect Exam, In these resources premium Udemy video lectures of experts, Valid AWS solution Architect Dumps, and AWS mockup tests are included.

1- AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Dumps (640 Exam Questions)

Any List of AWS certified solution architect exam questions is incomplete without Dumpsgate 349 Exam questions which they are offering for the SAA-C03 exam. All Questions are verified by IT experts having good experience in AWS. they have a 98% passing rate and a huge list of good customer reviews. These 349 questions are written from scratch and give a detailed explained answer with a verified solution. Just Check the practice test one time and you will see how valuable these questions for your certification exam. One of the best features of this exam you will get Lifetime free updates for the SAA-C03 Exam. This is the reason that’s why I have kept this practice test on no:1

SAA-C03 Dumps

Here is the link to download this exam SAA-C03 Exam questions

2- AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam SAA-C03 (1725 Exam Questions)

For Better preparation for the SAA-C03 Exam I also recommend you updated exam question of dumpsgate, they are offering 1725 exam questions for the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam. what makes the difference from others is that these are the actual exam questions which are asked on the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam. These questions are collected from candidates who have successfully passed their exams, and now they are certified. These questions give you a special opportunity to go through the actual exam question before appearing in the actual SAA-C03 exam. you can just prepare these questions and appear in the exam because this is the safest and easiest way to pass the AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. These are the reason that’s why I suggest you must go through these questions before lookup for the real exam.

Here is the Link for downloading these AWS exam dumps – SAA-C03 Exam Dumps

3. AWS certified solution architect exam Practice Test (325 mock-up questions)

When it comes to practice test for AWS certification without including Stephane Maareke’s practice test and course everything is incomplete. He put a lot of skills and working into his course and practice test questions. Which makes a valuable resource for the AWS certification exam. Stephane Maareke is an experienced and AWS certified developer and solution Architect which also helps a lot and apart from others. Just go through one time from 325 practice questions and you will see how valuable they are. He wrote a high-quality test from scratch with detailed explanations! The package includes 5 practice tests, Lifetime access, and also mobile accessibility is available. Each practice test contains 65 questions.

Stephane Maarek AWS practice Test

Here is the link to join the AWS practice test by Stephane Maarke’s AWS certified solution Architect Associate Practice Exam

4. Whizlabs AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate practice Test 675+ Questions

When it comes to practice tests without including whizlabs practice exam for AWS Certified solution architect associate exam preparation is incomplete. Their practice exam has complete in-depth knowledge which helps in understanding from scratch and covers all topics of the real exam. I highly recommend you to enroll in the whizlabs practice test for getting more benefits for your certification, they also offer video lectures of the best AWS certified experts. If you are serious and want to clear your AWS certification in the first attempt then I strongly suggest you to solve practice questions by whizlabs. Check here for Free AWS practice questions

Features of Whizlabs Practice Test:
  • 7 complete Mock-up Tests with 455+ unique questions (65*7)
  • Sections test 14 objective quiz for CSAA latest exam version with 220 unique exam questions
  • Total 675+ exam questions
  • 55+ labs for AWS certified solution Architect Associate
  • Detailed Explanation of each question
  • Unlimited Access
  • Report for Evaluating Strength & Weakness
Complete List of topics Covered in practice test
Topics No.of Questions
Latest Topics 25
Cost Management 10
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 35
Simple Storage Service (S3) 25
Elastic File System(EFS) 10
API Gateway 10
Elastic Container Service (ECS) 10
AWS Lambda 25
Elastic Block Store (EBS) 10
ELB and Autoscaling 10
RDS & DynamoDB 10
Additional questions 20
Total 220

Here is the link to join this practice test Whizlabs AWS certified Solution Architect Associate Practice test

5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Practice Tests By Cloud Guru 195 Questions

If you are preparing for AWS certified solution Architect Associate exam then you defiantly come across from Ryan Kroonenburg and Cloud Guru. His Course is very helpful for AWS certifications. More than 50,000 students had already purchase Ryan course and maximum students have cleared AWS certifications.

Ryan also offering practice test and quiz for AWS certified solution architects which have a total of 195 unique questions, 3 Mock tests each having 65 questions. Give the Final touch to your AWS exam by solving Ryan Practice test for the AWS exam. you can buy this practice test on Udemy.

Here is the Link to get Access this practice question AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Practice Test

6. Simplilearn Free AWS Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam 60 Questions

Simplilearn offering free practice test for AWS SAA-C03 Exam, which contains 60 unique questions, this is a completely free test and you can attempt this test multiple times there is no limit of attempts. So be prepare and attempt your test again and again until you prepared well for AWS real exam. 80 minutes are allowed for solving 60 questions in this practice exam. This free practice exam tests your AWS architectural principles and services such as EC2, VPC, EBS, IAM which can enable you to evaluate your career in AWS. Give your try today these questions by visiting here.

7. Jon Bonso AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams 390 Questions

When we are searching for online study guides 1st question which comes to our mind is that why this is important to try the SAA-C03 practice test for AWS certification? The main reason is that Jon Bonso crafted this AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Practice exam after taking feedback from 90,000+ students who already appear in the actual exam. This practice test is very close to the real AWS certified solution architect exam (reviews of 18,000+ students). He provides a complete and detailed explanation of each question and provides links of AWS docs in explanation of Answers which helps you to identify why this answer is correct or incorrect. This Package includes 6 practice tests each have 65 unique questions with detailed answers.

Here is the Link to get Access this practice question SAA-C03 practice test

Real Exam Format and Information

  • Certification Name: AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate
  • Exam Code: SAA-C03
  • No.of Questions: 65
  • Passing score: 720
  • Total Marks: 1000
  • Time Duration: 130 minutes
  • Exam Cost: $150
  • Validity: 3 years
  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer Type Exam
  • Eligibility/Pre-requisite: None
  • Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Certified AWS Solution Architect Associate Salary

Estimated Salary of AWS certified Solution architect is listed below.

Pay-scale varies country wise

  • US: $115000
  • UK: 85000 Pound
  • India: 8500000 INR

For More info read AWS Below Article:

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate

More helpful Resources for Exam

SAA-C02 vs SAA-C03

Many students confuse while choosing SAA-C02 or SAA-C03, SO here is the solution of it, SAA-C02 is the older version of AWS certified solution Architect which was retired on 31 August 2022, SAA-C03 Exam is the latest version of AWS certified solution Architect Associate Now candidates prepare for SAA-C03 Exam for getting certification.

Good luck, and please reach out with any tips you’ve found helpful!

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