The Complete Path To The New AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate Certification

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Every click, every tap, and every online interaction generates a stream of invaluable data. But here’s the catch. This data, in its raw form, is like a jigsaw puzzle without a picture. It needs some skill to assemble the pieces into something meaningful. Enter Data Engineers. 

A data engineer is responsible for transforming this raw data into structured information, that fuels decisions, innovations, and breakthroughs. And when it comes to the cloud, particularly Amazon Web Services (AWS), the role of the data engineer takes center stage. 

In today’s digital age, where information is the currency of progress, the data engineers stand as modern-day architects, sculpting the very foundation upon which our tech-driven world rests. As a result, the role of the Certified Data Engineer emerges as a pivotal force, transforming raw data into valuable insights that drive decisions and innovation. 

In this article, we’ll embark on the journey through the realm of the new AWS Data Engineer Associate certification, uncovering what it takes to become a certified specialist in this field. Get ready to explore the ins and outs, the strategies, and the promising horizons that come with mastering Data engineering within the AWS ecosystem. 

What Is The AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate Certification?

This AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate certification evaluates an individual’s ability to design, implement, secure, and maintain data solutions with AWS. It is designed for professionals aspiring to harness the power of AWS services for data related tasks, including data collection, storage, processing, and analysis. 

What Is A Beta Exam?

A beta exam serves as a pre-launch trial utilized by AWS Certification to refine and evaluate exam questions, topics, and structures. Essentially, it’s a test run to gather invaluable performance data, allowing AWS to fine-tune the exam before its official release.

These beta trials are commonly employed for updated exam outlines or entirely new certifications, such as the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty and AWS Certified: SAP on AWS – Specialty exams introduced last year. It’s an instrumental phase where AWS gauges the efficacy of the examination content and format.

Basic Structure Details About The Exam

You will need to pass the exam to obtain the AWS Certified Data Engineer certification.  And understanding the structure of the exam is the essential first step for passing the exam.

Exam Name AWS Certified Data Engineer - Associate
Exam Code DEA-C01
Exam Format Multiple-choice or Multiple response
No. Of Questions 85 Questions
Exam Duration 170 Minutes
Passing Score 720 (out of 1000)

Major Exam Domains

Here are the main areas that candidates are expected to be tested on in their AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate certification exam along with their respective weightage: 

  • Data Ingestion and Transformation (34%)
  • Data Store Management (26%)
  • Data Operations and Support (22%)
  • Data Security And Governance (18%)

Prerequisites And Eligibility Criteria

Before diving into this certification, it is essential to understand the prerequisites. AWS recommends prior knowledge and experience in Data engineering along with a solid grasp of AWS services, particularly those related to data analytics.

The eligibility criteria generally expect candidates to have a strong foundation in data analytics and AWS services such as S3, Redshift, Glue, and proficiency in at least one programming language used in data manipulation and analysis such as Python or Sequel 

By pursuing this certification, you’ll delve into designing, building, and maintaining data processing systems. This includes understanding dats

This certification is not only for validation of your knowledge but also a gateway to becoming an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving field of data engineering.

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Cost Of The AWS Certified Data Engineering Certification Exam

The cost of the AWS Data Engineer Associate certification is $75 USD

Benefits Of Sitting A Beta Exam:

Engaging with the beta version of the AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate exam offers several compelling advantages:

Cost-effectiveness: Beta exams come at a 50% discounted rate compared to standard exams. For instance, the DEA-C01 beta exam, categorized as an Associate-level certification, costs only $75 during the beta phase, half the usual $150 fee.

Enhanced exam experience: Beta exams typically feature a larger number of questions to trial various exam items. The DEA-C01, for example, includes 85 multiple-choice questions, an increase from the standard 65 in Associate-level certifications. This presents an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with a broader array of topics and concepts, offering valuable exposure before the finalization of the standard certification structure.

Pioneering certification: Successfully passing a beta exam positions candidates as the inaugural holders of the new certification. Being among the first to attain this credential distinguishes professionals within their field, elevating their career prospects and marketability. It provides a distinct edge, allowing individuals to boast of achieving this certification ahead of their peers, establishing a notable professional reputation, and paving the way for future opportunities.

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Who is the ideal candidate for the AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate certification?

Primarily, this certification caters to individuals who are directly involved in data engineering within the AWS ecosystem—it’s practically made for AWS Data Engineers. AWS conducted a comprehensive survey early last year, specifically engaging with seasoned AWS Data Engineers possessing a minimum of 2 years of experience. Given the remarkable 17.60% CAGR projection for data engineering and global big data services by the year’s end, this certification has gained tremendous traction.

However, this beta exam isn’t solely confined to seasoned professionals. It’s an optimal fit for anyone within the AWS community intrigued by leveraging AWS technology to revolutionize data for in-depth analysis and actionable insights. While desirable, it’s recommended that candidates possess the equivalent of 2-3 years experience in data engineering, coupled with at least 1–2 years of hands-on practice with AWS services.

According to AWS guidelines, the ideal candidate for this certification should possess a robust grasp of how volume, variety, and velocity impact data ingestion, transformation, modeling, security, governance, privacy, schema design, and the crafting of optimal data storage solutions.

Preparation Strategies For The AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Exam

The new AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate has some technical areas and requires thorough and strategic preparation in order to pass it on the first attempt. Here are some preparation tips for the AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate exam for a more effective overall preparation:

Understand The Exam Blueprint

Review the official AWS exam guide. Understand the weightage of each domain mentioned. This breakdown will help you allocate study time efficiently based on the importance of each topic.

Create A Study Plan

Develop a structured study plan. This means allocating specific time slots for each domain/topic based on its complexity and your current understanding. Consistency and regular revision are key.

Official AWS Training and Documentation

AWS offers official training courses and documentation specifically tailored for this certification. Die into these resources as they cover the exam objectives comprehensively. Online training, white papers, and AWS documentation are invaluable sources for your preparation. 

Hands-On experience

Theory is essential, of course. But hands-on practice solidifies understanding. Leverage AWS free tier or labs offered by training providers to get practical experience with services like S3, Redshift, Glue, and others covered in the exam.

Practice Tests and Sample Questions

Engage in practice tests and sample questions. Resembling the actual test environment. This helps familiarize you with the exam structure, improves time management, and assesses your readiness. Our exam dumps for the AWS Certified Data Engineer exam are a great resource in order to get comprehensive practice to reinforce your concepts and improve exam readiness.

Community Support

Join AWS forums, discussion groups, and communities. Interact with fellow aspirants and professionals. Sharing experiences, discussing problems, and learning with others can provide valuable insights and motivation.

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Benefits Of Obtaining the AWS Certified Data Engineer Certification

Getting certified actually leads to a plethora of benefits, opening doors to any lucrative opportunities. Here is a look at some of them: 

Career Advancement Opportunities

Earning the AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate certification acts as a catalyst for career progression within the field of data engineering. Specifically within the AWS ecosystem. It showcases your proficiency in architecting and managing data solutions in relation to AWS positions you for roles like data engineer, AWS data specialist, or data architect.

Industry Recognition

This certification is a testament to our dedication and expertise in AWS data engineering. It resonates strongly within the industry, singling your capability to design and implement efficient data solutions within AWS earning recognition from employers and peers alike. 

Expanded Job Opportunities

Professionals holding this certification unlock the myriad of job prospects in the realm of data engineering, particularly with organizations heavily reliant on AWS for data management. Roles such as data analyst, cloud data engineer, or big data engineer become more attainable and appealing.

Higher Salary Potential

The specialized skills acquired through this certification often translate into higher earning potential. Employers value the expertise in AWS Data Engineering, leading to more competitive salary offers compared to non certified counterparts. 

A more detailed look at this is covered in the section below.

Validation Of Expertise

By passing the AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate exam, individuals validate their proficiency in handling data related tasks within AWS. This validates expertise in designing scalable and efficient data processing systems. Critical skills sought after by employers. 

Networking Opportunities

Being part of the AWS certified community facilitates networking with like minded professionals and industry experts. Engaging in discussions, forums, and events provides exposure to diverse perspectives, enriching your knowledge base and fostering potential collaborations. 

Professional Development

Obtaining and maintaining this certification shows your commitment to personal and professional development in this particular field. This is also why certified individuals are often preferred by employers as it shows that they are willing to not only put effort to growing themselves but might ultimately also help the organization grow as well. 

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Salary Prospects For The AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate

Median Salary For AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate

AWS certifications provide significant advantages such as more job options, better pay, and improved technical expertise. As per Glassdoor, those with the AWS Certified Data Engineer (Associate) certification earn an average salary of $141,000. Additionally, the Jefferson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide: AWS Edition discovered that 73% of AWS experts saw a salary rise after certification, averaging around 27%.

Salaries Across the United States In 2024

Here is a glimpse at the potential salaries for AWS Certified Data Engineers across different locations within the US:

Location Annual Average Salary
Richmond, CA $163,000
Bellevue, WA $160,500
Santa Clara, CA $154,832
Pasadena, CA $153,744
elgrade, MT $152,133
Federal Way, WA $151,980
Palmdale, CA $151,838
Washington, DC $151,791
Glendale, CA $150,551

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Job Roles You Can Get With The AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Certification

As we discussed above, getting your hands on the AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate certification can open doors to many fruitful opportunities and allow you to thrive in different job roles especially data-centric roles. Here are the potential roles you can pursue with this certification. 

1. Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer, your primary responsibility involves designing, building, and maintaining data pipelines within the AWS environment. You’ll work extensively with AWS services like S3 for storage, Glue for ETL processes, and Redshift for data warehousing. Data Engineers ensure efficient data flow, transformation, and accessibility, catering to the organization’s data needs.

2. Cloud Data Specialist

Cloud Data Specialists focus on crafting data solutions in the cloud, particularly within AWS. They excel in data migration, integration, and optimization using AWS services. They leverage AWS’s scalability and security features to ensure seamless data flow across various platforms and systems, aligning with business objectives.

3. Data Architect

Data Architects with AWS expertise design and implement robust data architectures within the AWS ecosystem. They strategize data models, integration methodologies, and governance frameworks. Their role involves aligning data solutions with business requirements while leveraging AWS services for scalability and reliability.

4. Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers within AWS manage large datasets, implementing data warehousing solutions, ETL processes, and analytics solutions using AWS services like EMR, Redshift, and Athena. They specialize in handling the complexities of massive datasets, ensuring efficient data processing and analysis.

5. AWS Data Analyst

AWS Data Analysts leverage AWS services for data visualization, analysis, and reporting. They extract insights from data stored in AWS, utilizing tools like QuickSight and Redshift Spectrum. Their role involves deriving actionable insights to drive informed decision-making processes within organizations.

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In Conclusion

The AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate certification is your key to a world of possibilities. It unlocks careers in data engineering within AWS, offering roles from Data Engineer to Cloud Data Specialist. Master data solutions, embrace continuous learning, and thrive in the dynamic realm of AWS.

This certification isn’t just a validation; it’s a commitment to growth in today’s evolving world of data engineering. With it, you sculpt a career driven by innovation and fueled by data. Embrace this opportunity, embark on the AWS data engineering journey, and unleash your potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely! The AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate Certification can be worth it if you’re aiming for a career focused on designing, implementing, and maintaining AWS-based data solutions. It validates your expertise and can open doors to opportunities in industries relying on AWS data services.

The certification is valid for three years. Renewal involves either retaking the current exam or advancing to a higher-level AWS certification or completing eligible professional development activities.

Preparation involves understanding AWS data services like Redshift, Glue, Kinesis, and best practices in data engineering. Utilizing AWS documentation, online courses, practice exams, and hands-on experience can help. You can even take help from supplementary practice resources like Dumpsgate exam dumps for a more rounded preparation. 

The timeline varies based on individual preparation, background knowledge, and study pace. Typically, candidates spend a few months studying and practicing before taking the exam. However, this can vary for each person.

You won’t find out your AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate (DEA-C01) beta exam results until 90 days after the beta closes on January 12, 2024.



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