AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certification; A Life Changer 

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Have you heard about the new certification launch of Amazon? Are you going to take it? If yes, then I would like to tell you Amazon has launched one of the prestigious credentials for those who want to verify their knowledge regarding AI and ML. The name of this certification is AWS Certified AI Practitioner. This exam was created to give practitioners a practical usage of different AI concepts. 

So if you are curious about how much you need to spend on this exam, what would be the benefits one will gain after completing this, and what are salary prospects going to be for this? If so, then you are at the right blog. Here we will share the details of the AWS Certified AI Practitioner Exam and how much it will be worth in the market in the upcoming days. So without wasting time, let’s dive into the details.

Overview of AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certification:

The AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certification is one of the most demanding certifications. AWS specially launches this particular credential to offer advanced knowledge regarding what AI and ML are all about and use practical examples for increasing and improving professional concepts. 

Exam Structure

Exam Name
AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certification
Total Questions
85 Questions
Time Duration
120 Minutes
Launch Date
13th August 2024
English & Japanese
Testing Options
Pearson VUE Testing Center or Online Proctored Exam

Domain Outline

Following is a list of AWS Certified AI Practitioner course outlines:

Domain Outline of AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certification
Fundamental concepts and terminologies of AI, ML, and generative AI
Use cases of AI, ML, and generative AI
Design considerations for foundation models
Model Training and fine-tuning
Foundation model evaluation criteria
Foundation model evaluation criteria
Security and compliance for AI systems
Responsible AI

Target Audience

This certification is designed for those who want to pursue their career as successful professionals in delivering optimum solutions using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

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Conditions for Taking the AWS Certified AI Practitioner Credential

For attaining the AWS Certified AI Practitioner Exam, there is no need for any prior experience. But there is a list of candidates who have practical industry expertise in the market, they are from the following departments;

  • Technical Customer Support Team
  • Marketing & Project Management
  • Sales & Business Development 
  • Critical Business Analysis 

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Amount Incurred for AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certification

The total cost required to get yourself enrolled in the AWS Certified AI Practitioner Exam is $75(USD). Below mentioned are some of the investment details according to different locations;

¥ 10,000
£ 59.30
¥ 545.01
₹ 6259.74
$ 113.25
₽ 6497.21
€ 70.08
₺ 2470.30

Benefits of Acquiring AWS Certified AI Practitioner Credentials

Amazon has always been a real contributor to the IT Industry. Their AWS platform has recently uploaded a list of new certifications that not only help professionals in chasing new career prospects and advanced salary opportunities. 

As the IT competition environment is changing, new advancements and tools are coming into the market. So for this, it is a need of an hour that a practitioner should earn AWS Certified AI Practitioners certification. It will help you to get more advanced practical benefits and this exam will give you some foundational knowledge about AI usage but it is going to be very beneficial. 

So here are some benefits a practitioner will earn while stepping into the IT industry. 

  • Successful Career Opportunities:

As with time, the demand for AI has increased in the market. The experts of different industries take help from different AI tools. If you want to have a successful career you need to attain an AWS Certified AI Practitioner credential. It will not only add value to your resume but also increase chances of career opportunities. The recruiting departments are always looking for potential candidates who will perform all duties with clarity. As you have passed your certification, you will get a chance to demonstrate your expertise in using different AI and ML cases, redefining different models, and ensuring the proper security of AI systems. 

  • Boost Professional Credibility in the Market

The AWS Certified AI Practitioner certification will help professionals exhibit advanced technical expertise and understanding in the cloud industry. All the recruiters and customers value those candidates who have mastered proficiency in this certification. After getting this credential the professional will be able to create and execute advanced applications and infrastructure on different Amazon Web Services (AWS) websites. The more testing they perform, the more confident and credible they are going to be in the market. 

  • Rendered Excellent Solutions

Once a professional has his AWS Certified AI Practitioner certification, he will be able to provide tailored solutions to every industry-related problem. The students from any department get themselves enrolled with AWS Certified AI Practitioner certification and can explore more opportunities in the AI industry. The practical real-life example boosts their critical thinking expertise to offer the best strategies to solve the associated issues. 

  • Salary Prospects

The demand for AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certifier is going to be accelerated in the market. Once the professional completes their certification, their worth also increases in the market. The salary expectation for this certification ranges from $23K to $166K. When you have this certification you can negotiate with the recruiting department for higher salary expectations. Your continuous development will lead to promotion to management roles.

  • Secured Certification Tests

Amazon always comes up with a diverse range of certifications for professionals to excel in the market. The AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certification will be conducted in two ways, you can either take them online through the portal or go in-person to the exam center. The practitioners make this decision by keeping their comfort in mind. 

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Job roles for AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certifier:

Following are some job roles that a professional will earn after becoming AWS Certified AI Practitioner; 

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Verdict: is acquiring an AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certifier worth it?

We already discussed all the necessary information regarding the newly launched AWS Certified AI Practitioner Certification. In this blog, we have shared all exam details, investment parameters, and possible benefits to help professionals make wise decisions. This information will help practitioners to start a successful career in the AI industry.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The AWS Certified AI Practitioner Exam is a new certification of Amazon recommended certifications. The release date for this one is 13th August 2024

When the candidates enroll themselves with AWS Certified AI practitioner credentials, they are going to pursue their career in the AI Industry. Earning this prestigious one will help you earn a high prospect and competitive edge in the market. 

If a person spends almost two to three months dedicatedly preparing for the AWS Certified AI Practitioner exam, then they can easily pass the exam.

Amazon is using a beta exam for evaluating test exams before it goes live. This process will end when all the changes occur in the exam. 



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