AWS Advanced Network Certification: 5 Informal Ways to Get Certified

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AWS certifications are coveted and industry-recognized certifications. Earning one of such certifications adds so much value to your career as well as plays an important role in developing essential and utmost skills required for a particular job role. Individuals trained in developing and managing network configurations for AWS cloud initiatives are in high demand. AWS networking certification will create the expertise required to meet the industry standards in cloud computing domains. This article comprises detailed information about AWS networking certification, updated curriculum, and all important exam details.

Everything about AWS Networking Certification- An Overview

What is AWS Advanced Network Certification?

This certificate assists organizations to identify and developing talent with key competencies for cloud projects. Earning AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty confirms proficiency in network architecture design and maintenance for the full range of AWS services. This credential comes at the specialty level with a wide range of experience.

Who Should take this Certification?

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty is intended for those who have five years of hands-on experience in architecting and implementing network solutions as well as performing complex networking activities.
  • This certification requires advanced AWS and general networking and network interconnectivity knowledge, such as virtual private networks, inter-domain routing, IPv4 and IPv6 subnetting, and IPv6 transition, development of automation script and tool, and advanced experience using AWS technology.

How can you become AWS Advanced Network Certified?

You can earn this certification by passing the AWS advanced networking certification exam ANS-C01. The exam consists of multiple-choice or multiple-response questions. You must have a clear understanding and knowledge of ANS-C01 exam domains

ANS-C01 Updated Exam Domains 2023

Network Design– 30%

Network Implementation 26%

Network Management and Operation 20%

Network Security, Compliance, and Governance 24%

Note: Refer to ANS-C01 exam domains and topics for more detail

Additional Information:

Exam Format: The ANS-C01 exam consists of 65 multiple-choice or multiple-response questions.

Exam Duration: The exam time is 170 minutes.

Passing Score: 750 out of scale range of 100-1000

Delivery Method: Pearson VUE or PSI, both online proctored exam and in testing centers

Exam Cost: $300- for more details go to AWS exam pricing.

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What jobs should you get after earning this certification?

There are various job opportunities you can get after earning this certification. Some of the possible job roles are described below:

Possible Job Roles Salary Range
Network Development Engineer USD $88k- 189k
Technical Infrastructure Program Manager USD $105k- 145k
System Development Engineer USD $104k- 198k
Network Technician USD $45k- 81k
Network Data Engineer USD $64k- 171k

Talking about AWS Networking Certification Worth

AWS Certifications are the leading certification and getting certified in one of such certifications adds so much value to your career and life achievements. Getting AWS certified advanced networking will never go wrong in the networking architecture career. Let’s talk about the worth and benefits that are attached to it.

Put a Strong Influence on Hiring Managers

Candidates who are certified put a strong impression on the hiring team and managers. According to research, around 80% of hiring managers found resumes of candidates with cloud certifications more eye-catching than non-certified ones. Also, many hiring managers prefer candidates with cloud certifications which shows their competitiveness and proficiency.

Learn and Validate Innovative Skills

Through the AWS networking certification, you will be able to learn innovative and advanced skills in designing and implementing network architecture through AWS services. People with Cloud Computing abilities are in high demand, with a 12% year-on-year growth in the last 12 months. It will place you at the top of your organization and shows your colleagues and employers that you have what it takes to design and operate complex AWS and hybrid cloud networks.

Extraordinary Salary Rise

If you have an Advanced Networking – Specialty badge and are in the top tier of AWS certification, you’ll be in a good position! The AWS certifications are one of the top-paying certifications globally. With the AWS advanced networking certification, you will see a predominant salary increase. The average ranges from $60k to 191k depending upon the job role and experience you have.

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5 Easiest Techniques to Pass the ANS-C01 Exam

Exam Review

AWS exam review comprises of exam guide, sample questions, and practice test. You can have a detailed review of exam objectives from the exam guide. The sample questions and practice questions set will give an idea about the exam questions and it is for free.

Exam Prep with AWS Skill Builder

From AWS Skill Builder you can get full-length Official Practice Exams and practice resources. You will also get an overview of the certification exam prep tools available, or visit AWS Skill Builder for the most recent training and prep resources.

AWS Training for Advanced Networking

The AWS advanced networking program will teach you how to design and implement large-scale AWS and hybrid IT network designs. Learning Courses can also assist you in preparing for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam.

AWS Whitepapers

You may explore AWS whitepapers relevant to your test to learn about AWS services and best practices which are for free.

Dumpsgate Prep Material

The other easy and reasonable way to get prepare for the ANS-C01 exam is with dumpsgate exam material.

Closing Up

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty certification is a new addition to the AWS certifications and it is gaining traction at the current time because of the skills it validates. Accruing this certification is a good move to stand out from others and build value and influence in your career. Make a strong move and get certified in advanced networking because it is the time.


AWS Advanced Networking is quite difficult. It has become widely regarded that it is the most difficult of the eight AWS certification exams. However, you can pass the exam by giving proper study hours, and completing all the exam topics in depth.

The CCNA is a fundamental networking certification. If you intend to work in IT infrastructure, the CCNA is an excellent place to start. Cloud computing certification is excellent for developers and for the one who wants to start a career in cloud computing.

Yes! Networking is a necessary skill because all cloud platform operations require it and you must have a rudimentary understanding of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and others because visualization is so important in AWS, you must understand it.

  • Personal area network, or PAN.
  • Local area network, or LAN.
  • Metropolitan area network, or MAN.
  • Wide area network, or WAN.

The typical job role of a network engineer is to move functions and networks to private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Moreover, they also build, maintains, and develop an AWS cloud infrastructure for running application.

Private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds are the four basic types of cloud computing. There are three kinds of cloud computing services: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) (SaaS).

An entry-level Amazon Web Services specialist earns between $70,000 and $90,000 per year. A senior AWS expert can expect to make between $135,000 and $166,000 per year. AWS salary can vary depending on the job roles, certification level, and experience.

The AWS Solutions Architect credential is one of the most valuable and difficult qualifications available today. It is a professional-level credential with a professional exam difficulty level.

Yes. It is possible to learn AWS and become certified without an IT background or degree. There are no such requirements for studying AWS. You just have to complete the necessary training hours. 

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