Are Oracle Certifications Worth It?

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Oracle is the most authoritative certification provider that offers credentials to test knowledge in two key areas: Database and Java programming. There are only a few certification providers that deal with database and Java, and Oracle is one of those numerable credential providers. 

Oracle takes foundational and associate exams to examine the required skills for earning the Oracle certification. Anyone can take the exam without prior hands-on experience in the relevant field. 1Z0-811 exam would earn you the Foundations Associate Java credential.  1Z0-808 exam is for earning Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certificate. 1Z0-006 exam is required to take Foundations Associate, Database certification. 1Z0-071 exam is taken for the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate certificate. Four certifications are offered- 2 foundational and 2 associate-but you can take any of the certifications based on your knowledge and skills. 

This blog deals with the worth and importance of Oracle certifications. 

  • Validation 

Oracle certifications provide a piece of recognized evidence to your skills and expertise. The certification is proof that you have acquired the knowledge that is validated through the credential. Oracle promotes updated skills and learning. 

  • Recruitment 

Your recruitment chances will be 70% more if you gain an Oracle certification. Recruiters and hiring managers greatly prefer a candidate with recognized credentials over candidates who do not have any certifications. 

  • Competency 

The accomplishment to learn all In-depth topics that deal with an oracle course leads to the professional competence of a candidate. You stay higher in the crowd and your skills keep you distinguished from the rest of your niche. 

  • Progress 

The professional development that you gain helps to earn a great deal. Your earnings would boost 2x to 3x through a validated credential. Additionally, you will also enjoy a higher level of seniority with a professional certification. 

  • Solution 

You will provide a perfect solution to any query and glitch that appear, particularly in the cloud application or infrastructure. The ability to identify and resolve would enhance through the Oracle adroitness. 

  • Security 

An updated digital badge can help you to secure your future. You can attract companies and organization to rely on your digital badge. Your badge can be displayed on recruiting sites and added to your digital resume.

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Job Roles Open to Oracle Certified Professionals

The job roles offered to Oracle-certified professionals depend on the level of credentials- associate, professional, and master. 

Associate Certified 

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Implementer
  • Architect
  • Data Scientist/Business Analyst

Professional Certified 

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Implementer
  • Consultant
  • Architect

Master Certified 

  • Administrator

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Salary Association of Oracle Professionals

The following are the job roles offered to the Oracle professionals along with their salaries. 

  • Oracle Administrator base salary: $60k- $120k
  • Oracle Developer base salary: $74k- $140k
  • Oracle Implementer base salary: $95k-$215k
  • Oracle Architect base salary: $110k-$350k
  • Oracle Consultant base salary: $75k- $185k
  • Oracle Business Analyst base salary: $90k-$205k
  • Oracle Sales Manager Base salary: $150k-$400k

Key Takeaway

The Oracle certifications have gained immense importance in recent years. The major reason of its popularity is that Oracle offers certifications in all the major IT sectors like administrator, developer, implementer, architect, consultants and business. Oracle certifications may be hard to obtain. But if you have a proper study pathway, you can easily crack the Oracle exams. The OCI Infrastructure is easy to adapt and helps you to easily carry out operations related to various domains. Hence, you must create a proper mindset and struggle to obtain the proper Oracle certification.


Oracle is known to provide many best certifications. A few to name are Oracle Database Administrator and SQL.

The cost of the Oracle exams ranges from $95 to $245. The cost of master exams is more than the entry and associate exams.

Yes, Oracle is easy. Anyone can learn the basic concepts which are required to build the foundations of the professional and master exams.

Yes, you can retake the Oracle exam four times in a year. Each time you retake the exam, you must pay the fee



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